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Looking at Home Renovation Trends in 2021

Home Renovations | Varian Construction

2021 is already looking like a great year for the housing market. With Florida real estate on the rise in December of 2020, the housing market is only expected to keep improving. So too, will home renovation projects. Here is a look at expected 2021 home renovation trends from the experts at Varian Construction.

Redefining work from home

It is no secret that 2020 brought a new set of challenges to us. Many people have made the switch from the office to working from home. For home renovation trends, this has led to homeowners remodeling rooms to serve different functions. For functional designs, people have shifted toward creating spaces with dual-purpose furniture for both work and play. COO and cofounder of DecorMatters, Jing Xue, stated that homeowners “Will spend more time and effort creating a unique workspace to maximize their concertation, motivation and productivity.” This may lead to opening up rooms with light, new colors and maximizing space in other rooms.

Many people have converted spare bedrooms, large closets and sunrooms into home offices. If you are interested in repurposing a room, consider hiring a contractor. A contractor can turn your ideas into reality. When looking for a contractor, keep timeframes in mind. An experienced contractor will know that you need to get back into your office ASAP, which is why you should trust the professionals.

Home Renovations | Varian Construction

Short-term rentals

After being stuck inside, many people are planning getaway vacations. A major trend that the hospitality industry is seeing is that people want to a stay in secluded and personal spaces. Instead of hotels and cruises, people are choosing rental vacations from such providers as AirBnB. According to STR and AirDNA, short-term rentals have outperformed hotels in the past year, presumably from fear of COVID-19. With over 7 million listings in 220 different countries, AirBnB reinvented what it means to vacation.

This trend has affected home renovations, because people creating additions to their homes to accommodate short-term rentals or sprucing up investment properties for short-term usage. Homeowners have added bedrooms, outside casitas and little vacation rentals to their properties. This can be very beneficial for places in southern states.

Bathroom getaway

One of the most classic home renovations is resurfacing once again. Maybe you found yourself like the 41% of homeowners that said they “Escaped to their bathroom” for alone and quiet time during the pandemic. As many people seek to relax in their bathtub, many people have upgraded their bathrooms. A bathroom upgrade may encompass new flooring, new shower or tub, storage and others. If you are planning on doing a bathroom remodel, check out these tips from Varian Construction.

After 30+ years of doing home renovations, Varian Construction knows and understands the upcoming trends. Varian Construction is a trusted, qualified and licensed owner-operated company in Southwest Florida. If you are looking to do a home remodel, join the thousands who have trusted Varian Construction by calling 239.514.0103 or visiting Varian Construction.  

Five Tips for Doing a Bathroom Remodel in Naples, FL

Bathroom Remodeling | Varian Construction

We could sit here and write about how important the bathroom is, how much time is spent in it  or just about, etc. etc. When it comes right down to it, we all know that the bathroom is the most essential room in your home. One of the first things that catches a buyer’s eye is a finished or remodeled bathroom. In fact, a mid-range bathroom remodel recoups 64% of its value in a home resale, while an upscale bathroom remodel recoups 56% of its value. In a time like the present, and when the Naples real estate market is at an all time high, a bathroom remodel is worth the investment.

Here are five tips for doing a bathroom remodel in Naples, FL from the experts at Varian Construction.

Make a budget

The old saying, “money talks,” always comes to mind when making a budget. Make sure you talk about the money, before the money talks to you. Plan the scope and scale of your project. Are you doing an upscale remodel? Are you adding new features such as a double vanity or flooring? What are the labor costs? Be sure to shop around before embarking on a bathroom remodel in Naples, FL. The best way to gauge the scale of a budget, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, is to take 5% to 10% of your home’s value and spend that on your bathroom remodel.  

The average mid-range bathroom remodel costs between $11,000 to $21,000 and adds an average of $7,000 to $13,000 to the value of a home.  

An average upscale bathroom remodel costs around $67,000. The statistics show that it adds an average of $37,000 to your home.

Plan to spend at least 20% of the budget on labor and installation. Here at Varian Construction, we take pride in providing the best service for a reasonable price. We understand that planning a budget can be difficult, so we are here to help. For help regarding a preliminary budget or evaluating your project give us a call at (239) 514-0103


In order to start a bathroom renovation in Naples, you are going to need to plan the scale and layout of your bathroom. Think about whether or not you want a full bathroom (sink, toilet, bath or shower) or a half bathroom (sink and toilet).

Don’t be afraid of thinking big! Here at Varian Construction, we can turn a small half bath into a full-size luxury master bath by borrowing space in from another room right located adjacent to the bathroom in question.

When laying out your bathroom remember the plumbing can be a factor. Especially in Florida homes where basements are non-existent, it may add a challenge to “re-wire” plumbing. Be sure to plan where you may be putting baths, showers, sinks and toilets.

Planning the layout of the bathroom is essential before starting the glamorous part of designing the bathroom. Once a budget and layout are ready, you are ready to move onto fun stuff: design.

Bathroom Remodeling | Varian Construction


Designing a bathroom remodel can be a fun task, but don’t let HGTV in you get carried away and remember, you planned a budget for good reason. Start with the basics. Assess what your bathroom needs are. Make sure you account for storage and functionality before you add succulents and fluffy towels.

Remember you are working with a bathroom, which delivers extra challenges that other spaces of your home do not have. Plan on incorporating ventilation and tile work to prevent mold and other issues from arising. Plan for windows or fans if they are non-existent. Windows will add extra light into the bathroom and give that bathroom an open feel.

Look up different bathroom ideas, browse through bathroom galleries and be creative! Create that dream bathroom for yourself and make sure it matches the personality of the house.


Time to put the bath in bathroom. This is where the project can get pricey, but remember you are investing in your home.

When looking at adding fixtures to your bathroom, remember your layout and design. Can you fit a tub or larger shower? If the space allows for it, ditch the old shower and upgrade to a walk-in shower. Adding a glass door or even an entrance to a bathroom will add a clean and modern look to your bathroom.

Add or upgrade storage. By painting or adding new cabinets and storage you can make the room feel new and open. It goes without saying, but create a space for towels, bathroom essentials and other items you keep in the most-used room in your home.

What is better than one vanity? Simple – a double vanity. A double vanity allows you to have more space and freedom in your bathroom. A double vanity is a main selling point in any bathroom so don’t scrimp on one.

Another way to upgrade the bathroom is to add new tiling! Tiles add functionality to the bathroom and can be the focal point of the design. The tiles can add a new feel to the shower, vanity or flooring.

Hire a contractor

The bathroom is deceiving by its small scale but it should not be a DIY project. It is of upmost importance to create a safe, functioning and lifelong space for your home. This is a project for an experienced and trusted contractor. Remember, this is an investment for you and for your home’s value. It is worth it to shower in another room for a couple days, so that you can shower in your dream bathroom forever.

If you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel in Naples, FL, trust Varian Construction. Varian Construction has over 30+ years of experience in remodeling and renovating homes, condos and commercial projects in the area. To get started on your bathroom remodel, contact Varian at (239) 514-010 or visit Varian Construction.

Tips for When Picking a Naples Contractor

Naples, FL Contractor | Varian Construction

With over 30 years of experience in home remodels and construction, Varian Construction is well-versed in understanding our clients. We know that entrusting someone else to come into your home and turn your ideas into reality can be stressful, so we are here to help. Here are some tips when picking a Naples contractor.

Look for experience

As Julius Caesar said, “Experience is the teacher of all things.” Whether it be a contractor, a barber or a pilot, always trust someone with experience. You never want someone coming into your home that can not guarantee you top quality workmanship. Look at the contractor’s reputation. Browse their website gallery, learn what projects they have done and educate yourself on the contractor’s services. Here at Varian Construction our 30+ years of experience speaks to the character of our craft.


When it comes to trusting a contractor with pricing, don’t settle. You want to pay for top-of-the-line work. This is why you first look at the experience, if the contractor has years of experience, the price will be worth it. Depending on the magnitude of the project, pricing will vary. Get estimates from trusted contractors around your area. If the price is “Too good to be true,” it likely is.

Naples, FL Contractor | Varian Construction


If you are trusting someone to be in your home day in and day out, look for someone that is going to pick up the phone and someone that will keep you updated with the timetables and ins-and-outs of the project. The scariest thing your contractor could do is be silent. Look for a contractor that is easy to get ahold of and is eager to keep you in the loop.


Not just anyone can start doing a home project. Contracting in Naples, Florida requires permits and licenses. Without specific licenses the “contractor“ and the homeowner may be subject to fines. Here at Varian Construction, we are fully licensed to be able turn your dreams into reality.

Varian Construction is an award-winning, owner-operated company, that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. Our 30+ years of experience will give you the trust and comfort you need when choosing a contractor. If you are interested in hiring a contractor in the Southwest Florida area, contact us at (239) 514-010 or visit Varian Construction.

Home Addition Tips from the Experts at Varian Construction

Home Additions | Varian Construction

For a lot of us, 2020 gave extra, unexpected time in the home. Whether your home turned into an office or a school last year, you might have noticed that it’s time for a change or perhaps an addition. You’re not alone. A new study shows home additions have taken a 58% annual increase after the pandemic! If you are planning on making an addition to your home here are some tips from the experts at Varian Construction.


Always start with a plan. When tackling a home addition project, it is of upmost importance to plan the entire project before jumping into it. Here are some questions to think about during the planning process.

  • Budget – How much are you willing to put into the home addition? Will it add value to the property? How much is too much?
  • Layout – Where is the best location for the addition? Are we building up or out? Is this our property or our neighbor’s property?
  • Look – Does the new addition match the old? How can we add value without loosing the character of the home?

No room is too small for an upgrade

The idea of an addition most often starts with the thought that, “We need more space.” Home additions are designed to add more space, so don’t rule out the small spaces! With an addition to your home, that cramped kitchen can be face-lifted, hosting your family’s next Thanksgiving. Or, that one car garage can be remodeled into dad’s auto body shop! Think outside of the small spaces in your house and what you really want in your dream home.

Home Additions | Varian Construction

What do you want?

The same question that you ask your significant other when you’re both hungry… “What do you want?” Stop paying for a gym membership and add the home gym you have always wanted. Florida guarantees us warm weather, so add the luxury pool you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever it is, create a realistic list of wants for your home addition. If you need help picturing what you want, here are some home remodel and additions to browse through.  

Work with the professionals

Despite what you told your wife, home additions are not a DIY project. This is a job for the professionals.  If you’re in the Southwest Florida area, trust Varian Construction to turn your home into your dream home. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your dream home. To get started with your home addition, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-010 or visit Varian Construction.

Varian Construction Earns Sand Dollar Award for Stunning Remodel

Remodeled Living Room | Varian Construction

Varian Construction was awarded the 2020 Sand Dollar Award for Best Addition on a Single-Family Home during the annual event sponsored by the Collier Building Industry Association’s Sales and Marketing Council.

The Sand Dollar Awards are presented each year to member builders, developers, architects, remodelers, interior design firms, landscape architects, trades and marketing, sales and/or advertising professionals who have demonstrated building, design and marketing excellence in Collier County. Due to Covid-19, the awards ceremony was held virtually this year.

For Varian’s Best Addition on a Single-Family Home, the project’s objective was to create an addition to the client’s home that would include a separate, private space for aging parents, additional living area and a separate office space.

For the new addition to the home, Varian Construction carried the same porcelain plank flooring from the main area of the home into the new space. The new family room has a tray ceiling with LED strip lighting behind crown molding and custom designed molding above the sliders. The family room also includes a 72″ linear electric fireplace with stone façade, custom recessed panels above the mantel, floating shelves, cabinetry and a full-wall built-in bookcase.

Remodeled Living Room | Varian Construction

Off the family room, a guest bedroom was added which can be used in the future should nursing or a caretaker be required for aging parents.

The in-law suite, which is 1,200 square feet total, includes a private driveway, one-car attached garage. A galley-style kitchen is also included with a two-burner electric cook-top, microwave, under-counter refrigerator, an under-mounted kitchen sink, custom tumbled marble backsplash and granite countertops. Toe-kick lighting is found in the kitchen and bathroom for hands-free use. The kitchen opens up to a private sitting area.

The addition’s new large bedroom suite includes lighted tray-ceiling and Universal design elements such as zero-threshold doors, a large walk-in shower, elevated toilet with grab bars and an oversized walk-in closet. The bedroom also features a private screened-in lanai.

A new office was added to the existing garage that includes impact-rated full-light French doors, LED lighting and matching crown and trim.

Enlarged doorways throughout the home round out the list of features that were added to this remodel allowing the owner’s parents to age gracefully and safely in their home.

With all new windows, roof, stucco, paint and landscaping, this home was instantly elevated to one of the more pleasant-looking homes in the neighborhood.

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, owner and founder of Varian Construction Bill Varian was attentive to every detail, precise and meticulous during every stage of the remodel. Varian Construction wants your home to not just look great, but to last as long as possible without the need for repair.

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area and are looking to begin a home remodeling project, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your dream home.

Dream Home Remodeling – How to Make Your Current Home Your Dream Home

Dream Home Remodeling | Varian Construction

When you first purchased your home, it likely fit your needs at the time, but since then, your needs and that of your family have changed. You love your home and the memories you’ve created there, and the location is great. But it needs a little TLC and you now have the financial wherewithal to make that happen. Here are some key benefits to remodeling your current home into your dream home and tips for how you can make it happen.   

Understand the benefits to dream home remodeling

Remodeling your current home into the home you’ve always dreamed of poses a number of benefits including:

  • Remodeling your home is less expensive than buying new
  • You get to stay in your current location
  • Remodeling truly makes the home your own
  • You’re left with a sense of accomplishment

Remodeling your home will improve its value

The benefits listed above are all great reasons to remodel your current home into your dream home, but money ends up being a major deciding factor for many families. In the end, remodeling your home will not only save you money compared to buying new, but it will also improve your home’s value in the long run. Many homes on the market today don’t have the latest and greatest appliances that buyers are looking for. To improve your home’s value during your dream remodel, consider upgrading the bathrooms, improve your home’s wellness, update the kitchen, add smart features and add a home office. 

Remodel your home so you can age in place

Over the years, you’ve created an endless number of memories in your home. And with a remodel, you can continue to do so for decades more. This is called aging-in-place remodeling. When you remodel your home to age in place, you add additional accommodations to keep your home safe such as changes to the overall floor plan, wider hallways and doors for wheelchair access, non-slip flooring, additional windows for natural light, handrails and more. The full list can be found here.

During this process, you’ll work with a Certified Aging-in-Place specialist. A CAPS contractor can help make a client’s home more “visitable”. As a homeowner today, you may not be at an age where ramps and grab bars are useful or even necessary for you. But over time, this may be a giant relief during visits by aging parents or other visitors. 

Dream Home Remodeling | Varian Construction

Get ready to work with a contractor

Remodeling your home is not a DIY project by any means. Once you’ve made the decision to remodel your home, it’s time to start looking for the perfect contractor to accomplish the job. You’re putting a lot of trust into this person, and there are ways you can prepare yourself to make sure you’re on the right track. Picking the perfect contractor for your project requires:

  • Finding design inspiration and figuring out your goals
  • Establishing your budget
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Doing your research
  • Asking the right questions

Understand the work it takes to make a dream home happen

When you’ve ultimately made the exciting leap to remodel your home and you’ve picked the right contractor, it’s important to prepare yourself for the task at hand. This process can be stressful and is something that you, as a homeowner, should prepare for. Here are five tips to prepare for your home remodel:

  • Make a record of your belongings
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Prepare for dust
  • Create a safe room for pets
  • Have fun!

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area and are eager to begin your dream home remodeling project, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your dream home.

Tips for Hiring the Most Qualified Licensed Contractor in Southwest Florida

General Contractor in SWFL | Varian Construction

If you’re looking to hire a licensed contractor in Southwest Florida, you’re going to want to look for someone who’s not only qualified, but someone you can trust. Here are three tips for hiring a licensed contractor.

Make a realistic plan

A good project starts with a good plan. Our first tip is to create a realistic plan and expectations based on the scope of your project. For example, adding a basement to your Southwest Florida home is an unrealistic expectation. During your planning period, it’s almost as important to consider the daily disturbances and debris associated with your project that might affect you and your neighbors as it is the project itself.

After making your plan and considering various licensed contractors, you will be able to work with them and determine if they are the right fit for your project.

Utilize all your resources

When looking to hire a licensed contractor in Southwest Florida, utilize all your resources. You can ask friends and family for references, see information on the contractor on reputable websites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, read reviews left by previous customers and determine if any formal complaints have been filed against them.

After putting together a short list of licensed contractors you’re considering working with, continue to use your resources by reaching out to them directly. Set up an in person or virtual meeting and ask them the important questions like the ones listed here.

Discuss best methods of communication

Because communication is always key, you’ll want to pick a licensed contractor that communicates in a way you understand. Because you’re not the expert, from day one you should assess if the contractor is talking in a way that’s over your head.

In addition to verbal communication, it’s important to discuss how you’re going to communicate day-to-day, so you know what to expect. Will the contractor reach out to you via telephone calls, texts, email, web-based platform, etc?

If you’re looking for a trusted, qualified and licensed contractor in Southwest Florida, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your home remodeling project.

Things to Know Before Hiring a General Contractor in Naples, FL

Hiring a General Contractor | Varian Construction

When planning to hire a general contractor to remodel your home, it is essential you do your research. Hiring someone who does the job incorrectly may land you in hot water and potentially in debt. If you’re looking to hire a general contractor in Naples, FL, here are three key things to know. 

Always trust your gut

When hiring a general contractor, or anyone you’re trusting to perform work on your home, it’s important to trust your gut and not ignore any red flags. For example, if a contractor is unwilling to tell you their license number, it likely means they do not have one. 

To ensure your project turns out perfectly, once you’ve found a couple of contractors you would like to work with, properly vet each general contractor and subcontractor, check references, ask the right questions, check their licenses and in the end negotiate a detailed contract.

Above all, you should be comfortable with the contractor you choose more than anything else and trust your gut. You’re essentially entering a relationship with this contractor to remodel your home, and that relationship needs to be successful. 

Communication is key

From the beginning, you’ll want to make sure the general contractor you’re vetting is having open, clear and honest communication with you at all times. From ensuring they’re licensed and insured to confirming they fully understand your project’s goals, communication is key. 

In addition to this, communication is essential when deciding whether or not you’re going to work with a general contractor because you’re not the expert. The contractor should be able to explain the project in laymen’s terms, so you’re never confused or caught off guard if things do not go as planned. 

Another aspect of communication you’ll want to discuss with your contractor is how they’re going to reach you and how you’re going to reach them. Will you communicate via call, text, email, web-based platform, etc? Additionally, you’ll want to know who you’re going to communicate with during the job and have their contact information on hand. 

Hiring a General Contractor | Varian Construction

Read the contract before you sign it

Once you’ve met with and compiled a list of three general contractors that you trust could do the job right, it’s time to negotiate a detailed contract. 

According to Angie’s List, Out of about 1,000 Angie’s List members responding to a recent online poll, 10 percent say they didn’t sign a contract for a large home improvement project, 4 percent only glanced at it and 32 percent admit to only reviewing it somewhat closely. 

Experts in the industry will place a strong emphasis on contracts, but each should have some flexibility for unforeseen circumstance that are out of both parties’ control. Nailing down a project’s specifics in a written contract protects the homeowner and the contractor. 

If you’re looking for a general contractor in Naples, FL, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your home remodeling project.

Remodeling a Small Bathroom Tips & Tricks

Small Bathroom Tips | Varian Construction

Having a small bathroom in your home is not always a problem if you know how make the most of your space. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, here are five small bathroom tips:

Small Bathroom Tip #1 – Add lots of storage

Oftentimes, bathrooms never seem to have enough storage space. This is especially true in small bathrooms. To make the most of the space you do have, it’s important to get creative with storage. Take advantage of the area under your sink by adding a tiered organizer, mount baskets to the inside of your cabinet doors or even add a magnetic strip to keep track of bobby pins and hairclips.

Above the toilet, consider hanging baskets in lieu of shelves. They are a functional way to store items you may need to access more frequently such as extra rolls of toilet paper, hand towels and lotions. You can style the shelves by adding mason jars and storing your Q-tips and cotton balls here.

Lastly, if you don’t have a medicine cabinet, you’re going to want one in your small bathroom. Today’s designs are much more stylish than their ancestors and are perfect for keeping healthcare and beauty products neat, tidy and out of view.

Small Bathroom Tip #2 – Add texture

Just because a bathroom is small does not mean it has to be boring. Guest bathrooms or powder rooms are great places to experiment with new design trends. By adding different textures and colors to your bathroom, you’re creating a multidimensional space that pops and does not feel so boxed in. Consider adding contrasting tiles and patterns such as a subway tile in the shower and a terrazzo floor.

Small Bathroom Tip #3 – Save space where you can

In small bathrooms, it’s important to save space where you can because there isn’t much of it. Consider adding a pedestal sink or two to replace a large, traditional vanity that’s a space waster.

While this tip may have you enlisting the help of a professional, another great way to save space is to add a sliding pocket door. You can then perhaps add an open shelf or that pedestal sink you love! 

Small Bathroom Tips | Varian Construction

Small Bathroom Tip #4 – Install glass shower doors

Don’t let anyone fool you, small bathrooms can absolutely have walk-in showers. Bulky bathtubs with curtains will make your bathroom feel closed off and appear much smaller than it really is. By installing glass shower doors, you’ll make a small space feel bigger.

Small Bathroom Tip #5 – Enlist the help of a professional

DIY is not always the way to go and it’s not always guaranteed to save you money. At the end of the day, a skilled contractor knows all the tips we’ve highlighted here and then some! Working with one from the beginning can save you money on unused supplies, mistakes and mismeasurements. Not to mention, they’ll save you lots of headaches.

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area and are eager to begin your bathroom remodeling project, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your bathroom remodeling project.

How to Pick the Right Home Remodeling Company

Remodeling Company | Varian Construction

Because remodeling a home can be a big and expensive task, you want to make sure you’re picking the right company to get the job done right. If you’re looking for a guide on how to pick the right remodeling company, keep reading!

1) Find design inspiration and figure out your goals

When you officially decide to remodel your home, it’s important to have inspiration for your project and figure out what the goals of your remodeling project are before speaking to any contractors. By deciding if you’re going for a modern or contemporary overhaul, if you’re looking to open up the home, add more bedrooms, etc., doing so ahead of time will save you both time and money. By establishing the goals for your home remodel, when you do meet with a home remodeling company and look at their portfolio, you’re instantly able to see if they’ve completed similar projects to yours and if they’re up for the task.

If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling ideas, kitchen remodeling ideas or remodeling ideas that will improve the value of your home, check out our blogs on the topics. 

2) Create your budget

Before speaking to a home remodeling company, set your budget. Your budget is a guideline for success — and your bank account — during this process. By establishing your budget early on, you can ensure you’re dealing with a home remodeling company that is comfortable working within price points similar to yours.

3) Set realistic expectations

When you’re preparing for your remodel, it’s important to set realistic expectations for your project. Ultimately, you will end up with the remodeled home you’ve always dreamed of. However, there’s bound to be some stress along the way. Here are some things you can do before a home remodel to prepare yourself for this process. You can read the entire blog here.

  • Make a record of your belongings
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Prepare for dust
  • Create a safe room for your pets
  • Get ready to have fun!
Remodeling Company | Varian Construction

4) Do your research

After gaining inspiration, creating your budget and setting realistic expectations, you can begin doing research on the home remodeling companies in your area. First, create a list of the remodeling companies in your area. A Google search is an easy and free way to begin this process. Browse their websites and look at their completed projects to see if they’ve completed projects of similar scope to yours.

Once you have a shortlist of the home remodeling companies you’re considering, do your research on them. Now, you can begin calling to set up interviews and perhaps view their showrooms. You can also read their reviews or personally reach out to homeowners who have previously worked with these companies.

5) Ask the right questions

Finally, when you’re speaking with the home remodeling company on the phone or in person, you want to make sure you’re asking the right questions. Here are some examples of questions you should ask:

  • What’s your license number?
  • Can I see examples of your completed work?
  • Do you take on remodeling projects of my scope?
  • Who will be working in my home?
  • How do you work?

Our full blog on questions to ask your home remodeling company can be read here.

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area and are eager to begin your home remodel, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your remodeling project.