Condo Remodeling

Varian Construction has the expertise you need for your condo remodeling project.

Condo Remodeling Interior
Condo Remodeling Interior

Condominium remodeling projects require construction expertise, creative abilities and the wherewithal to navigate the challenges of working within an HOA or board of directors.

Before the start of construction, remodeling contractors need to know and understand the association’s restrictions in terms of hours, noise, blackout dates, debris removal, commercial vehicle parking, material deliveries, elevator protection and loading, hallway protection to and from your residence and the list goes on and on.

At Varian Construction, these are just a few items that we are accustomed to handling on each and every one of our many condominium remodels.

Once construction begins, though we are working within the confines of your residence’s walls, we are required to provide sound membrane under any hard surface flooring, which may also include a separation between walls. A thorough understanding of costs and materials to mitigate sound is a necessity.

As a licensed contractor in Southwest Florida, we are well aware -- and well versed -- in fire and building codes for high rise structures, penetrations within walls, and electrical service limitations. With an eye toward maximum efficiency, we work within your unit’s layout in order to minimize plumbing location adjustments, among others.

We have transformed countless condominiums throughout Naples and Marco Island, creating ideal living spaces for our clients that reflect their dreams, hopes and desires.

Varian Process

  • Step 1 | Evaluation Phase
    • Initial meeting and evaluation of project
    • Discuss wants and needs and evaluate residence/commercial space
    • Research zoning requirements and any deed restrictions that may affect the proposed project
    • Obtain site survey for additions
    • Prepare preliminary plan
    • Prepare preliminary budget
  • Step 2 | Design Phase
    • Complete Construction documents including specifications and drawings
    • Hire design professional for engineering requirements
    • Formalize finish schedule
    • Solicit bids from trade contractors and suppliers
    • Prepare final budget for contract
  • Step 3 | Construction Phase
    • Enter into construction agreement
    • Set start date and finalize timeline
    • Obtain building permit and file all necessary paperwork with county and/or city
    • Complete project based on specifications
  • Step 4 | Completion Phase
    • Receive final building inspections
    • Obtain certificate of completion
    • Review final punch list and complete
    • Close out and final billing
    • Client satisfaction survey
    • Final completion photography
    • 30-day follow-up visit
    • One-year follow-up visit