Whole-House Remodeling

Weather it is a kitchen, bathroom, whole house remodel, or an addition WJVCO works hard to create and bring a design to life.

Whole-house Remodeling
Whole-house Remodeling

We understand the difficulty in living thru such projects and try to lessen the strain it can cause by carefully working around you and your life style. Just ask some of your neighbors in such areas as Berkshire lakes, royal harbor, Port Royal, and aqualine shores. As a charter member of the local remodelors council we realize the changing market and continue to learn new techniques to better serve our customers.

Varian Process

  • Step 1 | Evaluation Phase
    Initial meeting and evaluation of project
    • Initial meeting and evaluation of project
    • Discuss your wants and needs and evaluate the residence
    • Research zoning requirements and any deed restrictions that may affect the proposed project
    • Obtain site survey for additions
    • Prepare preliminary plan
    • Prepare preliminary budget
  • Step 2 | Design Phase
    Complete Construction documents including specifications and drawings
    • Complete Construction documents including specifications and drawings
    • Hire design professional for engineering requirements
    • Formalize finish schedule
    • Put out for firm bids from trade contractors and suppliers
    • Prepare final budget for contract
  • Step 3 | Construction Phase
    Enter into construction agreement
    • Enter into construction agreement
    • Set start date and finalize time line
    • Obtain building permit and file all necessary paperwork with county and/or city
    • Complete project based on specifications
  • Step 4 | Completion Phase
    Receive final building inspections
    • Receive final building inspections
    • Obtain certificate of completion
    • Review final punch list and complete
    • Close out and final billing
    • Client satisfaction survey
    • Final completion photography
    • 30 day follow up visit
    • One year follow up visit