4 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Remodeler Before Getting Started

Remodeling is an opportunity to create a new space that can meet the needs of your family and friends. Kitchens, however, can be the greatest expense and the most complex room to remodel. Whether you start with appliances, floors, countertops, or cabinets… have a detailed plan of what features you’re looking for in your dream kitchen. Most don’t realize the amount of time and the overall costs that go into a kitchen renovation, not to mention unanticipated costs. Budget, insurance, suppliers and the timeline of the project all play major rolls when planning a renovation.

On average, kitchen remodels take about 8 weeks and can vary widely in cost. But don’t let that scare you, once the remodel is finished, it will be well worth the wait and investment. Before you start working with a remodeling company, you may have a few questions to ask. 

Question #1 – How does the remodel/design process work?

When hiring a company to remodel your kitchen, you will want to know exactly how the process will lay out and what their overall plan is for your renovation. Because every home is different, there may be limitations on what you can and cannot do. Certain cities have codes and restrictions, which you will need to be mindful of. Permits for kitchens can also take some time when doing a renovation, so planning ahead is key.

You also need to consider the time frame, whether there will be multiple contractors on-site daily, and if you’re able to use your kitchen during the process. A renovation time frame is helpful to both the homeowner and the remodeler.  

Question #2 – What’s a realistic budget?

Of course, when it comes to a renovation everyone’s first question is how much is it going to cost? When hiring a company to remodel, you will want to get an itemized bid or quote. This helps categorize individual costs and figure out how the payments are going to be set up throughout the remodeling process. When planning a remodel, you may want to contact more than one company to see which bid works best with your budget and timeline. Breaking down individual costs will help you determine if you want to splurge in some areas but save in others.

Question #3 – Does your contractor have proof of business licenses and liability insurance?

Before starting a remodel, checking your contractor’s business license and insurance is a smart thing to do. Contractors need a specific license to remodel a residence while ensuring their work is up to code. Make sure you are listed as additionally insured on their insurance certificate, should the policy expire within the renovation period. If contractors do not have proof of licensing or insurance, run in the other direction!

Question #4 – Who are their suppliers?

Depending on the company, they will either use their employees or contract companies out to do certain work for them. When remodeling a kitchen, you want to make sure the quality of the materials meets your standards and research each company you are considering. In learning who their suppliers are, verify that the company is reputable, and that their products are good ones.  If possible, get ahold of samples for inspection. Sampling helps you choose between the options that are available and allows you to see the product in person. 

Varian Construction

Choosing the right questions to ask your kitchen remodeler will save you time and frustration, so leave it to the pros to answer those questions. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen in your Southwest Florida home, trust Varian Construction.

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