Month: December 2020

Tips for When Picking a Naples Contractor

Naples, FL Contractor | Varian Construction

With over 30 years of experience in home remodels and construction, Varian Construction is well-versed in understanding our clients. We know that entrusting someone else to come into your home and turn your ideas into reality can be stressful, so we are here to help. Here are some tips when picking a Naples contractor.

Look for experience

As Julius Caesar said, “Experience is the teacher of all things.” Whether it be a contractor, a barber or a pilot, always trust someone with experience. You never want someone coming into your home that can not guarantee you top quality workmanship. Look at the contractor’s reputation. Browse their website gallery, learn what projects they have done and educate yourself on the contractor’s services. Here at Varian Construction our 30+ years of experience speaks to the character of our craft.


When it comes to trusting a contractor with pricing, don’t settle. You want to pay for top-of-the-line work. This is why you first look at the experience, if the contractor has years of experience, the price will be worth it. Depending on the magnitude of the project, pricing will vary. Get estimates from trusted contractors around your area. If the price is “Too good to be true,” it likely is.

Naples, FL Contractor | Varian Construction


If you are trusting someone to be in your home day in and day out, look for someone that is going to pick up the phone and someone that will keep you updated with the timetables and ins-and-outs of the project. The scariest thing your contractor could do is be silent. Look for a contractor that is easy to get ahold of and is eager to keep you in the loop.


Not just anyone can start doing a home project. Contracting in Naples, Florida requires permits and licenses. Without specific licenses the “contractor“ and the homeowner may be subject to fines. Here at Varian Construction, we are fully licensed to be able turn your dreams into reality.

Varian Construction is an award-winning, owner-operated company, that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. Our 30+ years of experience will give you the trust and comfort you need when choosing a contractor. If you are interested in hiring a contractor in the Southwest Florida area, contact us at (239) 514-010 or visit Varian Construction.

Home Addition Tips from the Experts at Varian Construction

Home Additions | Varian Construction

For a lot of us, 2020 gave extra, unexpected time in the home. Whether your home turned into an office or a school last year, you might have noticed that it’s time for a change or perhaps an addition. You’re not alone. A new study shows home additions have taken a 58% annual increase after the pandemic! If you are planning on making an addition to your home here are some tips from the experts at Varian Construction.


Always start with a plan. When tackling a home addition project, it is of upmost importance to plan the entire project before jumping into it. Here are some questions to think about during the planning process.

  • Budget – How much are you willing to put into the home addition? Will it add value to the property? How much is too much?
  • Layout – Where is the best location for the addition? Are we building up or out? Is this our property or our neighbor’s property?
  • Look – Does the new addition match the old? How can we add value without loosing the character of the home?

No room is too small for an upgrade

The idea of an addition most often starts with the thought that, “We need more space.” Home additions are designed to add more space, so don’t rule out the small spaces! With an addition to your home, that cramped kitchen can be face-lifted, hosting your family’s next Thanksgiving. Or, that one car garage can be remodeled into dad’s auto body shop! Think outside of the small spaces in your house and what you really want in your dream home.

Home Additions | Varian Construction

What do you want?

The same question that you ask your significant other when you’re both hungry… “What do you want?” Stop paying for a gym membership and add the home gym you have always wanted. Florida guarantees us warm weather, so add the luxury pool you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever it is, create a realistic list of wants for your home addition. If you need help picturing what you want, here are some home remodel and additions to browse through.  

Work with the professionals

Despite what you told your wife, home additions are not a DIY project. This is a job for the professionals.  If you’re in the Southwest Florida area, trust Varian Construction to turn your home into your dream home. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your dream home. To get started with your home addition, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-010 or visit Varian Construction.