Month: March 2020

How to Prep for Your Home Remodel

How to Prep for Your Home Remodel

The end results of a home remodel are extremely exciting. However, the process of accomplishing this big task can be stressful and is something that you, as a homeowner, should prepare for. If you’re not sure how to prepare for your home remodel, here five things we recommend doing.

Make a record of your belongings

Whether it be a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or whole-home remodel, we recommend making a record of your belongings. It’s important to do so for a few reasons. For one, it’ll let you know what new items you should purchase and what doesn’t have a new place in your new space. Second, it’s not easy to keep track of your assets for insurance purposes. This is an opportunity to make a record of your assets and values. Lastly, it’ll help you identify a storage solution. For some, these items may be stored in a guest bedroom or large closet on a temporary basis. If you’re contemplating a larger project like a whole house remodel, you may need to consider getting a storage unit for the project’s duration.

Clean out the fridge

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, now’s the time to clean out the refrigerator. Whether it’s finding a way to consume what you have, throw out what you’ll never use in the freezer or donating your nonperishables, they won’t be needed or of much use while your kitchen is being redone.

Prepare for dust

Dust and debris will be an unavoidable aspect of a remodel, so all you can do is prepare for it! We recommend using extra fitted sheets to cover furniture like couches and chairs. If you have large and open shelving units, attach a plastic sheet to the front of them so your china doesn’t gather more dust. Any doors to any rooms that are not being worked on should be shut during construction. While you’re at it, roll up any extra area rugs you may have in your home so they don’t collect dust and any other debris workers’ boots may bring in from the outdoors.

How to Prep for Your Home Remodel

Create a safe room for pets

You’re not the only one who might be stressed out during your remodel, your pets might be too! If you’re planning on leaving your pets home during the day during construction, we recommend creating a safe room for them where they can be left alone. Extra treats and new toys are encouraged, too!

Have fun with it!

Keep your eyes on the prize during this process, as your dream will soon become a reality! Take lots of progress photos so you may look back on this time fondly and be appreciative of your new space.

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