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Comparing Naples General Contractors – How to Find the Best of the Best

Naples, FL Contractors | Varian Construction

No matter the industry, good companies are few and far between. When you find one, it’s like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Finding General Contractors is no different.

Searching for the best of the best is always important, especially when entrusting someone to turn a dream project into reality. If you’re thinking about hiring a contractor, here’s how to compare Naples’ General Contractors so you’ll find the best of the best.

Compare Projects

Perhaps the best way to compare Naples’ General Contractors is by the fruits of their labor. What they can produce, build or remodel is a great way to see if they are really the “best of the best.” It’s as simple as that.

However, just like in life, looks aren’t everything. For starters, compare how long the project took the contractor to build. You might be looking at the prettiest master bathroom you’ve ever seen, but if it took the contractor a year to remodel it, it should raise red flags.

Another way to judge a project is to compare the structural integrity of the work. The breadth of the work lies beneath the design, paint, furniture and impressions you might see at first glance.

As we are tragically experiencing, some Florida structures have had structural problems that went unnoticed for years. While, this may not be the fault of the builder, the structural integrity of each build should be impeccable.

Compare Price

Comparing Naples General Contractor’s projects would be incomplete if you didn’t compare the price. But, before you go and look for the most inexpensive contractor, keep in mind that you get what you’re paying for.

A home is an investment. Many upgrades and remodels often produce a return on investment when it comes time to sell, so price accordingly. If you have found the best of the best in a Naples General Contractor, don’t compromise your project just because of the higher price. The cheapest isn’t the always the best option. Sometimes paying a little more is a price worth paying for quality craftsmanship and peace-of-mind.

Naples, FL Contractors | Varian Construction

Compare Experience

Another way to compare Naples General Contractors is by their individual experience. The longer you do something, chances are, the better you are at doing it. In general contracting, years of experience are the jewels on the crown.

If you’re looking for Naples General Contractors, look no further than Varian Construction. With more than 30 years  experience and over 15 Florida Home Builders Association awards, Varian Construction is not just the best – they are the best of the best.

With hundreds of projects in and around Naples, each job is made with the utmost structural integrity and design. Each job aligns with Florida’s codes and is designed to keep you and your family happy and safe for generations to come.

Bill Varian, the Owner and Founder, is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist whose goal is to remodel homes so that owner can stay in place as they get older. He is also a Certified Graduate Remodeler and a Certified Green Professional and brings his knowledge, credentials and experiences to every project.

During the evaluation and construction phases of each job, Varian Construction prepares and plans a budget for your project making sure that no costs come as a surprise.The Naples-based General Contractor also uses CoConstruct to stay in constant communication with each of its clients in order to keep them informed.

If you want to hire the best General Contractor in Naples, Florida, contact Varian Construction at 239-514-0103 or visit

Six Summer Ideas for Your Home Remodel in Naples, FL

Home Remodel Naples, FL | Varian Construction

As the world slowly gets back to normal, this one constant gives us comfort – summer is here. If you are enjoying a mid-year vacation, one thing is for sure, it’s always nice to come back to your home. Offering a sense of safety and belonging, home provides the perfect rest stop to our busy lives. This is why it’s important to keep your home updated to match your ever-changing lifestyle. Here are six summer ideas for your home remodel in Naples, FL.

Outdoor Living Areas

Summer memories are often made on the patio or deck of your home. A shaded area to enjoy the Florida sunshine is almost too good to pass up when paired with an ice-cold beverage and a good book. However, if your patio is lacking in substantial space, it may be time for a remodel.

Upgrades such as an increase in size, screened-in enclosures, new decking, upgraded appliances and fans are common additions to outdoor living areas. Don’t let this summer go by without enjoying it in a remodeled outdoor living area.


Florida summers have one flaw – the heat. And the best way to combat that heat is with a luxurious pool. If your home does not already have one, start thinking about adding a pool as it has more than one benefit.

According to HouseLogic, a remodeling and home improvement website, adding a pool to a home may increase the home value by 7%. In some cases, homes that do not have the space for an in-ground pool, may be able to incorporate a creative way to still enjoy the luxury, such as an elevated or indoor pool.


In order to have a safe and long-lasting Florida home,  especially in light of the area’s penchant for hurricanes, it’s important to undergo roof repairs in Naples, FL. Although it may not be the most thrilling of summer remodels, it sure is a necessity.

Home Remodel Naples, FL | Varian Construction


As summer comes to an end, it may be time to think ahead to the upcoming holiday months. With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching faster than you realize, now is the time to start planning a remodel so you can host your friends and family in a brand-new remodeled kitchen.

Updated flooring, new appliances, a new addition, refurbishing countertops and cabinets – and more – may be the remedy to create a dream kitchen for the holidays.


If you’re planning to host any of the upcoming holidays, make no mistake, every bathroom could use a remodel.

Common bathroom remodels in Naples, Florida, include an updated vanity, new flooring, adding designer showers or tubs or even something as simple as a new paint job. As the most-used room in the house, never neglect the bathroom when you remodel.

If you are interested in doing a home remodel in Naples, Florida, trust Varian Construction. The award-winning, owner-operated company, has 30 years of experience and is the best contractor for your summer project.

Specializing in everything from commercial projects to condo remodels, Varian Construction is fully licensed, equipped and experienced to remodel bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor living areas, elevated pools and more!

For a summer home remodel in Naples, FL., contact Varian Construction today at 239.514.0103 or visit our website.

What to Look for in Condo Remodel Contractors in Your Area

Condo Remodel Contractors Naples FL

When it comes time to remodel your home it is important to hire the best of the best. Not only are you entrusting someone to work inside the place where you live, but you’re also paying money for someone to remodel your condo for you to enjoy for years to come. Here is what to look for in a condo remodel contractor in your area.


The first thing to look for in a condo remodeling contractor in your area is someone that is transparent in their communication. One that keeps you informed, as well as someone that is willing to meet with you face-to-face to discuss your wants and needs. After all, this is your condo remodel, so the contractor should be in constant communication with you.

Therefore, you should always avoid a company that is “too busy” to take a call or meet with you, especially in the midst of a project.


A condo remodel contractor needs to be fully licensed to work on your specific project. In many cases, a condo remodel must abide by specific HOA rules that will require a knowledgeable and experienced contractor. In Florida, a contractor needs to have specific licenses and certifications to work on your project. If they do not meet these requirements, start looking for another contractor.

Condo Remodel Contractors Naples FL


One of the best ways to choose a condo remodeling contractor in your area is to look at the contractor’s experience. By looking at previous jobs you can often determine if the company will be able to complete your remodel project. Also, by looking at client reviews and testimonials, you may be able to discern the personality of the contractor and how they interact with their clients.

If you are looking for a condo remodel contractor in your area, trust Varian Construction. With more than 30 years of experience and over 15 Florida Home Builders Association awards, Varian Construction is truly the best.

A survey done by Build Zoom, a general contractor referral website, ranked Varian Construction in the Top 5 general contractors in Naples. Now, not only do the finished products sing praises on Varian Construction, but so do the experts.

Varian Construction is transparent with its customers and clients especially when it comes to doing a condo remodel. The family-owned and operated company gives each client a detailed timeline of the project as well as uses CoConstruct as a platform for communication, financial tracking and scheduling.

Fully licensed and equipped to work on your condo remodel, Varian Construction is the best contracting company for your job.

With countless jobs completed throughout the Southwest Florida area, you can be confident in Varian Construction’s experience and expertise. Contact the award-winning contractor today at or at 239-514-0103.

Five Home Upgrades That Add Value Before You Sell

Home Remodel Naples, FL | Varian Construction

Many home upgrades are done for the sole pleasure and enjoyment of the homeowner. Redoing a kitchen may offer a long-awaited dream cooking space for the chef of the home. Or, updating a master bath can offer the aesthetic pleasures of a new design and feel, as well as a space for comfort and relaxation. In addition to adding enjoyment to the home, upgrades may also increase the home’s value. Here are five home upgrades that can add value before you sell your home.

Bathroom Remodel

The appearance of the bathroom is often a major selling point. According to Rochester Real Estate, the #1 item that millennial home buyers look for when buying a home is an updated bathroom.

Due to the inherent nature of the bathroom, it is one of the first rooms in the home to appear outdated or out-of-place. The hot water, moisture, and excessive use of the room can present color fading, stained tiles, rot and other turn-offs for buyers.

That’s why renovating even the smallest room in the home is crucial. Bathroom remodel ideas can be anything from refurbishing bathroom tiles to replacing tubs or showers, to painting walls or refacing vanities.

Depending on the scale of the bathroom remodel, the average return on investment is between 54% – 60%.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is a coveted project. Adding the newest appliances and the latest technology is a meal-preppers dream. As the gathering space of the home, a kitchen remodel is popular because of its “show-off “nature. Guests may never see your personal bathroom, but they will always see the kitchen. Why not create a space that is breath-taking and one that adds resale value to the home?

The price of a kitchen remodel can vary depending on the magnitude of the project. Whether you are upgrading the countertops or changing the cabinets, a kitchen remodel can change the entire look and feel to one of the most important rooms in the home.

According to the website Remodeling HW, the average return on investment for a kitchen remodel is between 53% and 75% of its cost.

Outdoor Rental Addition

A recent trend in construction and home upgrades has been incorporating outdoor rental spaces to the home.  As many people are looking for hospitality accommodations with secluded and personal options, they have turned to rental programs such as Airbnb and VRBO.

According to STR and AirDNA, short-term rentals have outperformed hotels in the past year, presumably from fear of COVID-19. With over 7 million listings in 220 different countries, Airbnb reinvented what it means to vacation.

As homeowners, we should always stay up-to-date with current and future trends in order to best gauge future home values. If it is within your means, HOA rules and local zoning laws and ordinances, it may be profitable to add an outdoor rental addition to your home. Profitable additions could be outdoor casitas, tiny homes or little vacation rentals to your property, especially in highly traveled states, such as southern states.

Known as a “ADU,” or accessory dwelling unit, this upgrade can boost home resale value depending on the location, size of the ADU, and rental agreements.

Porch Remodel Naples, FL | Varian Construction

Deck / Patio / Porch Addition

When it comes to adding value to your home, it pays off to think outside the box. Creating a unique outdoor living space might just set your property apart from the neighbors. Creating a space that is functional, elegant, and overall eye-catching might just be the selling factor of the home. After all, the first impression of your home is often the front porch.

By updating or building a new deck or porch, your home will have the “it factor” that so many buyers are looking for. Something as little as refurbishing a lanai or a walkway will also give a buyer a memory point, one they may recall, such as “the home with the relaxing front porch, or adorable landscape walkway.”

Depending on the materials used in the addition, such as wood or composite, the average ROI  is about 65%. 

Whole House Remodel

If you are interested in increasing home value, but want to stay put, you might be interested in a whole house remodel. A whole house remodel often suggests the common phrase, “love it or list it.”

A full house remodel may be exactly what your place needs. Upgrading it to today’s standards, designs and safety features will surely increase the home’s value. Anything from creating open concept living areas, redoing the flooring, or even adding extra levels can make the home feasible for a growing family.

If you are interested in a whole home remodel, or any home upgrade, trust the professionals at Varian Construction. With over 30 years of experience and over 15 Florida Home Builders Association awards, there is no question that Varian Construction is the right contractor for your project.

Specializing in everything from commercial projects to condo remodels, Varian Construction is the best construction company for your specific home upgrade. Fully licensed to work in Florida, Varian Construction can successfully complete all your renovation and remodel needs.

Adding value to your home begins with a call, so contact Varian Construction today at 239.514.0103 or visit our website.

How Much will Your Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchen Remodel Cost Naples, FL | Varian Construction

Having the perfect kitchen is part of the American dream. It’s not only a place to cook delicious meals but is often a popular gathering spot for family and friends.

The design, color, lighting, appliances and age of the kitchen is often the determining factor in the livability and functionality of a home. That’s why many owners are embarking upon a kitchen remodel, so the place where meals are prepared and socializing begins becomes the kitchen of their dreams.

Here are some helpful insights from experienced construction professionals on how much your kitchen remodel might cost.

Elements of Common Kitchen Remodels

Every remodeling project is unique, but many owners have similar wants and needs when it comes to the transformation.

One such commonality is that owners want their kitchens to be as functional as they are eye-catching, within a reasonable budget. So, if you are looking to remodel a kitchen, here is a partial list of the average prices of many common changes.

Cabinets: Depending on the number needed, the average cost for new cabinetry could range from $15,000 and $20,000. The cabinet price is impacted by your home’s location, model, style and customization level you desire. If you’re just refacing or refurbishing old cabinets, the cost can decrease substantially.

Appliances: Replacing old appliances with new ones, including dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves and ovens, is quite common in a kitchen remodel. Plan to spend a large percentage of your remodel costs here. Depending on the brand and technology, the following prices may vary.

Countertops: Updating the countertops is an easy way to achieve a totally new look and feel to the kitchen. Depending on the overall design and usability of the space, you may choose from different options including granite, soapstone, marble, quartz or tile. The national average for countertops is between $2,000 and $7,000 depending on the materials used in the build.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Naples, FL | Varian Construction

Return on Investment

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, there could be a return on your investment. Your home’s value will likely increase as it will stand out from other homes with kitchens that look and feel dated. This can be a win-win as it can increase real estate value, as well as offer advantages to the homeowner.

In places like Southwest Florida, where the real estate market is seeing an unprecedented increase in home value, a kitchen remodel might be exactly what you need to stand out from the rest of the homes in your area. The likelihood of your home value increasing in Collier County is quite high, which makes a kitchen remodel worthwhile in terms of return on investment.

According to Remodeling Magazine, the average minor kitchen remodel ($14,773) has an 87% return on investment, whereas a major kitchen remodel ($38,000) has an 80% return.

When all is said and done, a kitchen remodel should more than pay for itself.

Hiring a Professional

A kitchen remodel has many pros. However, a kitchen remodel is best left to experienced professionals who can guarantee a solid and beautiful project from start to glorious finish. Undergoing a DIY kitchen remodel is never ideal due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances that often arise. It is best to spend the money and leave it to the experts. An experienced kitchen remodeling company has the expertise to adjust quickly no matter the hidden challenge.

If you are in the Southwest Florida area, trust Varian Construction for your kitchen remodel. With over 30 years of experience, the owner-operated company can bring your dream kitchen designs to fruition. From cabinetry and countertops to appliances and backsplashes, there are endless choices that can transform even the smallest kitchen into an enjoyable, enviable workspace.

With years of experience in remodeling homes, Varian Construction prides itself on re-creating spaces that become the epicenter of the perfect family home. That includes turning kitchens into a fun and functional place for friends and family to gather. Where budding chefs can hone their culinary skills. And where old family recipes can once again be respectfully placed on the highest shelf in the room.

If you are interested in hiring Varian Construction for your kitchen remodel, visit or call 239.514.0103.

How to Know You’re Hiring the Best Construction Company in Naples, Florida

Best Construction Company in Naples, FL | Varian Construction

When you’re in the market for a construction company you surely do not want to settle for anything but the best, especially when it comes to a remodeling project. You want your remodeling project to go smoothly with a construction company you have confidence in. After all, you are inviting these folks literally into your home. Here are some suggestions on how to hire the best construction company in Naples, Florida.


When it comes to construction companies, reputation speaks volumes. In the modern age of technology, you can read a review on just about anything. Make sure to search for client reviews and testimonials that speak honestly of any contractor you’re considering for the job.

Reputation stems largely from work on prior projects. Specifically, projects that are similar to yours. If you are remodeling your kitchen, investigate the construction company’s past work on kitchens. If you are doing a full home renovation, be sure to hire a builder that has done full home renovations before and those that match the scale and magnitude of your project. This way you’ll be sure you are hiring the best construction company for your job.

Specific Duties

You will also need to look for someone who is licensed specifically to successfully and lawfully complete your project.  Florida, for example, has various different laws regarding who can build and where, as well as HOA mandates. Before hiring a contractor for a project, be sure that they are equipped and licensed to legally do what your project requires.

Best Construction Company in Naples, FL | Varian Construction


Another way to know if you are hiring the best construction company is to learn the timeliness of the contractor. Do they respond right away to requests? Does the company keep you informed on the project? Does their schedule line up with yours?

You may find the world’s best contractor, but if they cannot match your timeline, they are likely not the best for you. Be sure to look for a company that works with you and your home’s schedule.

Varian Construction

Varian Construction prides itself on being the best construction company in Naples, Florida. With over 30 years of experience and over 15 Florida Home Builders Association awards, there is no question that Varian Construction is the right contractor for your project.

Specializing in anything from commercial projects to condo remodels, Varian Construction is the best construction company for your specific project. Fully licensed to work in Florida, Varian Construction can successfully complete all your renovation needs.

Not only does Varian Construction give you a detailed timeline of your project, but it uses CoConstruct to help schedule timelines, track financials and as a platform for communication so that you know exactly when your project will be finished.

When it comes to hiring the best construction company in Naples, Florida, the choice is simple. Choose Varian Construction. Give them a call today at 239.514.0103 or visit our website.

Everything You Need to Know About Condo Remodeling Rules in Southwest Florida

Naples Condo Remodel | Varian Construction

April showers bring May flowers, and in Southwest Florida May flowers aren’t the only thing sprouting up. Home and condo renovations are happening everywhere you turn as many of our “snowbirds” leave for the summer and contractors begin remodeling projects during the off-season.

Did you know that May is known as National Home Remodeling Month? Before celebrating the month by starting a project, here is everything you need to know about condo remodeling rules in Southwest Florida.

HOA Rules and Regulations

Many Southwest Florida condos are part of homeowners’ associations or condo boards that regulate much of what goes on there. When it comes to remodeling a condo, you will likely have to navigate certain restrictions.

Before starting a remodeling project, be sure to talk to your HOA and learn the rules regarding when you can build, commercial vehicle regulations and limitations in terms of design. 

In many cases, you must gain permission from the board to undergo a remodel. Condo remodels can include removing interior walls, redirecting plumbing or changing/adding rooms. It can also include major bathroom or kitchen renovations or even as simple as changing the front door. In all cases, it is best to have permission in order to start your remodeling efforts.

Naples Condo Remodel | Varian Construction

Review your CC&R Documents

Often times when owning or renting a condo, you obtain or have access to a CC&R (covenants conditions, and restrictions) certificate or “declaration.” This document will lay out everything that is permitted in a condo remodel. It will also state which elements in a condo cannot be altered as it usually pertains to those shared with a neighbor, such as walls or plumbing.

In some HOA documents, there are laws prohibiting work being performed during certain hours, general contractor parking, dumping, water use and much more. Be sure to be familiar or hire someone who is experienced with the HOA guidelines in your area. 

Condo Remodel Preparation

As you prepare to undergo an extensive condo remodel there are many things to consider. First, be sure permission from your condo association or management group is in writing. Another major consideration is hiring a good contractor. A condo remodel is not a DIY project, as it has many details that you simply will not be able to do yourself.

When looking for a Southwest Florida contractor look for someone with experience, such as Varian Construction. With over 30 years of experience in condo and home remodels, this owner-operated company prides itself on its expertise in following rules and regulations to relieve the stress of the homeowner.

At Varian Construction, we are fully licensed and equipped to be able to work on any condo remodel or construction project in your Southwest Florida home. If you are interested in hiring Varian Construction, contact us today at 239.514.0103.

Thinking of a Whole Home Remodel? Here’s Where to Start!

Naples Whole Home Remodel | Varian Construction

A whole home remodel comes with a lot of thought and planning. Certainly, one does not wake up and make the decision to undergo a full renovation. When it comes to home remodeling, we know each home is unique in build, design and ideas. Here is what you need to know when thinking of a whole home remodel.

Evaluation / Planning

Each whole home remodel comes with unique challenges and considerations that will affect the total cost of your project. If you preemptively plan the budget for your project, you will limit any chance of surprises that may come from the buildout.

As licensed and experienced Naples contractors, our professionals at Varian Construction help you put together a preliminary budget for your whole home remodel in order that all your wants and needs for your project are addressed and planned for ahead of time. Our experienced team will establish you with top-quality design professionals and trade contractors so you will be working with the best of the best.

Design Phase

One of the greatest reasons to do a whole home remodel is to be able to stay right where you are but updating your home with today’s more modern standards. As author Wendy Wunder says, “The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave, but feels even better to come back.”

The design phase is the next critical component in a whole home remodel.

In this phase, our skilled contractors will complete construction documents that include specifications and drawings of your finished whole home remodel. Here, the scope of your home remodel is only limited by your imagination.

Think of what you want and need for the now and for the future. Is it an updated outdoor space, kitchen and living room, or is it creating a more welcoming entrance, addition, or guest space in your home? When designing for the future, your home should be a functional place for an expanding family, home office or new additions for your loved ones to enjoy. Whatever it is, Varian Construction can turn any home into a dream home.

Naples Whole Home Remodel | Varian Construction

Construction Phase

A whole home remodel is a labor-intensive but invaluable process. Updating your home should not only make your home more comfortable for your family, but should increase the value of your home. At Varian Construction, we take pride in all of our construction projects.

In the construction phase, it is important that each aspect of the building process is addressed. From permits, licenses, specifications, agreements and overall design, Varian Construction will make sure your whole home remodel is finalized to perfection.

Some of our projects include opening up base floor plans to combine the dining, kitchen, and living areas into an open-concept plan. Updating homes with new flooring, larger base and casings, and a fresh coat of paint, are a popular upgrade. We can even create safer modifications to homes so they can withstand Florida’s unpredictable weather.

If you are planning on doing a whole home remodel, trust Varian Construction to upgrade your space. We understand the value of doing a renovation which is why we offer 30-day follow up visits and one-year follow up visits to ensure every single project is built with the highest quality and architectural standards. For more on whole home remodels visit our website or contact us today at 239.514.0103.

Evaluating a Naples Remodeling Contractor

Evaluating a Naples Remodeling Contractor

When it comes to looking for a remodeling contractor in Naples, Florida, do not settle. Your remodel is a major investment in your home, and you should search for only the best-of-the-best. When looking for a Naples remodeling contractor here are some things to keep in mind.


When you begin your search for a Naples remodeling contractor, look for recognizable awards that stand out from the rest. Awards show experience, expertise, and top-of-the-line services. Pay attention too, to their years of experience, another form of achievement.  With multiple years in the industry, contractors will likely be able to properly remodel your home with ease, care, and industry knowledge.  


Another key factor in choosing a Naples remodeling contractor is to look at each individual website. According to Google Ads, there are more than 4.2 million online searches for homebuilders each month. Contractors need to be online because their audience is online.

It is important that a remodeling contractor be an expert communicator. Entrusting someone to work on your home requires a great deal of communication and trust. You can oftentimes get a sense of their communication skills by looking at their website. If the website is continually updated with blogs, content and examples of new work, chances are the contractor is a trusted one.

Evaluating a Naples Remodeling Contractor


Be sure to search for contractors that are licensed and equipped to work on any home project. In Naples, Florida, there are strict guidelines to be followed in different communities (HOAs) as well as city ordinances. In order to undergo a home remodel, contractors need to be aware and licensed to operate under different HOA rules and regulations.

Varian Construction has been a recognized Naples remodeling contractor for over 30 years. In those 30 years, they have been given multiple outstanding awards, a true testament to their many achievements. Owner Bill Varian has over 15 FHBA awards (Florida Home Builder Association Awards) and has been accredited as a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR), Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), and a Certified Green Professional (CGP).

At Varian Construction, we believe that every project must be met with ongoing communication between the client and our team. For every home build, we use CoConstruct to help schedule timelines, track financials and as a platform for communication to our clients.  This way you can be confident that your home is in good hands.

If you visit Varian Construction’s website,  you’ll find plenty of examples of projects, history of the company and blogs/news to keep you updated on the latest home building trends. 

At Varian Construction, we are fully licensed and equipped to be able to work on any home remodel or construction project in your Naples home. If you are interested in hiring Varian Construction, contact us today at 239.514.0103.

Seven Necessary Steps to Home Renovation

Home Renovations | Varian Construction

A whole-home renovation is anything but a small project. Television shows romanticize the idea of shopping for new furniture, new painting, and adding special touches to your home, without the real grit behind the project. Before you can start shopping for your favorite new home pieces, here are seven necessary steps to take in a home renovation.

Step 1: Plan

The first step in any project, especially a full-home renovation is to plan. Planning what you want from your renovation, what your time frame is and planning the budget of the renovation is always the first step. Depending on the project, plans may have to be put in place for living accommodations during the home renovation. Be sure to plan if you will be staying in the home or if you will be leaving while the work is being completed. Ask your contractor if it is possible for you to stay in your home, as it always depends on the scale and intensity of the renovation. 

Step 2: Evaluation

When you have a plan in place, you can then select a contractor to evaluate the project. A home renovation is not a DIY project. Be sure to look for contractors with experience, licenses, and someone who provides ongoing communication to you. Check out these tips for picking a Naples contractor for information on choosing a builder that’s right for you. 

In the evaluation step, a trusted contractor should map out zoning requirements, site surveys and any deed restrictions you may have for your remodel. This is where choosing the right contractor comes into play. If you are in the Naples area, check out Varian Construction. Varian has over 30 years of experience in home renovations. Our work can be seen throughout Naples including Port Royal, Royal Harbor, Pelican Bay, and Golden Gate Estates!

Step 3: Demolition

This step should not come as a shock to you as you have to tear down walls to put up new ones. If you walk into a home renovation project and you see your house gutted and demolished, do not fear. This is a necessary step.  Demolition is best left to professionals. With cautions like wiring, plumbing, and load-bearing walls, demolition should be provided by a skilled and licensed professional to tear down and build up. 

Step 4: Electrical / Plumbing

One of the most necessary steps to a home renovation is electrical and plumbing work. Updating an entertainment room, office, or really any room with lights, will offer new electrical challenges that should be left to contractors and electricians. If you are redoing a bathroom, kitchen, or lanai, plumbing is one of the most important steps. In Florida homes, HVAC and cooling systems should be updated every 10 to 15 years due to the amount of use. If you are renovating a home, do not spare the extra expense to upgrade your systems so it is not a headache you’ll have to face later. 

Home Renovations | Varian Construction

Step 5: Drywall

Drywalls are the bones of the home. This is where you can start seeing where rooms are, and where dreams start to become reality. When drywalling a home, contractors will lay out doors and window locations, as well as mapping out the home. This is a very exciting step for a homeowner and at this point, a contractor should be in active communication with you to start finalizing the project. Trust an award-winning contractor like Varian, who prides themselves on connecting with their clients to ensure there are no surprises during the home renovation project. 

Step 6: Design 

The scope of home remodeling is only limited by your imagination, which is why you hire a seasoned contractor to design any room to the best of your liking. The design portion includes painting, flooring, furnishing, lighting, landscaping and much more. For design ideas check out the Varian Construction gallery. 

Step 7: Inspection

The final step to a home renovation is the home inspection. Here you will be sure to know that your home is up to standards, safe, and matches your plans laid out in the beginning. Here at Varian Construction, our project doesn’t end here. We make sure to follow up with a 30-day follow-up visit and even a one-year follow up visit to make sure our clients love their homes forever. To learn more about home renovations in Naples Florida, check out our website or call 239-514-0103 today.