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Comparing Naples General Contractors – How to Find the Best of the Best

Naples, FL Contractors | Varian Construction

No matter the industry, good companies are few and far between. When you find one, it’s like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Finding General Contractors is no different.

Searching for the best of the best is always important, especially when entrusting someone to turn a dream project into reality. If you’re thinking about hiring a contractor, here’s how to compare Naples’ General Contractors so you’ll find the best of the best.

Compare Projects

Perhaps the best way to compare Naples’ General Contractors is by the fruits of their labor. What they can produce, build or remodel is a great way to see if they are really the “best of the best.” It’s as simple as that.

However, just like in life, looks aren’t everything. For starters, compare how long the project took the contractor to build. You might be looking at the prettiest master bathroom you’ve ever seen, but if it took the contractor a year to remodel it, it should raise red flags.

Another way to judge a project is to compare the structural integrity of the work. The breadth of the work lies beneath the design, paint, furniture and impressions you might see at first glance.

As we are tragically experiencing, some Florida structures have had structural problems that went unnoticed for years. While, this may not be the fault of the builder, the structural integrity of each build should be impeccable.

Compare Price

Comparing Naples General Contractor’s projects would be incomplete if you didn’t compare the price. But, before you go and look for the most inexpensive contractor, keep in mind that you get what you’re paying for.

A home is an investment. Many upgrades and remodels often produce a return on investment when it comes time to sell, so price accordingly. If you have found the best of the best in a Naples General Contractor, don’t compromise your project just because of the higher price. The cheapest isn’t the always the best option. Sometimes paying a little more is a price worth paying for quality craftsmanship and peace-of-mind.

Naples, FL Contractors | Varian Construction

Compare Experience

Another way to compare Naples General Contractors is by their individual experience. The longer you do something, chances are, the better you are at doing it. In general contracting, years of experience are the jewels on the crown.

If you’re looking for Naples General Contractors, look no further than Varian Construction. With more than 30 years  experience and over 15 Florida Home Builders Association awards, Varian Construction is not just the best – they are the best of the best.

With hundreds of projects in and around Naples, each job is made with the utmost structural integrity and design. Each job aligns with Florida’s codes and is designed to keep you and your family happy and safe for generations to come.

Bill Varian, the Owner and Founder, is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist whose goal is to remodel homes so that owner can stay in place as they get older. He is also a Certified Graduate Remodeler and a Certified Green Professional and brings his knowledge, credentials and experiences to every project.

During the evaluation and construction phases of each job, Varian Construction prepares and plans a budget for your project making sure that no costs come as a surprise.The Naples-based General Contractor also uses CoConstruct to stay in constant communication with each of its clients in order to keep them informed.

If you want to hire the best General Contractor in Naples, Florida, contact Varian Construction at 239-514-0103 or visit

Six Summer Ideas for Your Home Remodel in Naples, FL

Home Remodel Naples, FL | Varian Construction

As the world slowly gets back to normal, this one constant gives us comfort – summer is here. If you are enjoying a mid-year vacation, one thing is for sure, it’s always nice to come back to your home. Offering a sense of safety and belonging, home provides the perfect rest stop to our busy lives. This is why it’s important to keep your home updated to match your ever-changing lifestyle. Here are six summer ideas for your home remodel in Naples, FL.

Outdoor Living Areas

Summer memories are often made on the patio or deck of your home. A shaded area to enjoy the Florida sunshine is almost too good to pass up when paired with an ice-cold beverage and a good book. However, if your patio is lacking in substantial space, it may be time for a remodel.

Upgrades such as an increase in size, screened-in enclosures, new decking, upgraded appliances and fans are common additions to outdoor living areas. Don’t let this summer go by without enjoying it in a remodeled outdoor living area.


Florida summers have one flaw – the heat. And the best way to combat that heat is with a luxurious pool. If your home does not already have one, start thinking about adding a pool as it has more than one benefit.

According to HouseLogic, a remodeling and home improvement website, adding a pool to a home may increase the home value by 7%. In some cases, homes that do not have the space for an in-ground pool, may be able to incorporate a creative way to still enjoy the luxury, such as an elevated or indoor pool.


In order to have a safe and long-lasting Florida home,  especially in light of the area’s penchant for hurricanes, it’s important to undergo roof repairs in Naples, FL. Although it may not be the most thrilling of summer remodels, it sure is a necessity.

Home Remodel Naples, FL | Varian Construction


As summer comes to an end, it may be time to think ahead to the upcoming holiday months. With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching faster than you realize, now is the time to start planning a remodel so you can host your friends and family in a brand-new remodeled kitchen.

Updated flooring, new appliances, a new addition, refurbishing countertops and cabinets – and more – may be the remedy to create a dream kitchen for the holidays.


If you’re planning to host any of the upcoming holidays, make no mistake, every bathroom could use a remodel.

Common bathroom remodels in Naples, Florida, include an updated vanity, new flooring, adding designer showers or tubs or even something as simple as a new paint job. As the most-used room in the house, never neglect the bathroom when you remodel.

If you are interested in doing a home remodel in Naples, Florida, trust Varian Construction. The award-winning, owner-operated company, has 30 years of experience and is the best contractor for your summer project.

Specializing in everything from commercial projects to condo remodels, Varian Construction is fully licensed, equipped and experienced to remodel bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor living areas, elevated pools and more!

For a summer home remodel in Naples, FL., contact Varian Construction today at 239.514.0103 or visit our website.