Kitchen Remodeling

Give your kitchen a face-lift with a kitchen remodel by Varian Construction.

Kitchen Remodeling Full View
Kitchen Remodeling Full View

Kitchens are the epi-center of a life well lived. A place for friends and family to gather, for budding chefs to hone their skills and where life truly takes shape.

As one of Naples’ best remodeling companies, Varian Construction has created some of the most unique kitchen remodels imaginable. With more than 30 years experience in kitchen remodeling projects, we stand ready to offer ideas designed to bring your culinary wishes to fruition. From cabinetry and countertops to appliances and back splashes, there are endless choices that can transform even the smallest kitchen into an enjoyable, enviable work space.

Struggling with difficult-to-reach areas? Worry no more, as a simple change in design or an additional accessory can make the previously unusable, usable. And don’t forget about lighting. LED strip lighting under your cabinetry, recess ceiling lights, and illuminated glass door cabinetry are just a few of lighting touches that can transform dingy and dull into fabulous.

For your next kitchen remodel, consider the experts at Varian Construction. Where decades of experience translate into dream kitchen designs.

Varian Process

  • Step 1 | Evaluation Phase
    • Initial meeting and evaluation of project
    • Discuss wants and needs and evaluate residence/commercial space
    • Research zoning requirements and any deed restrictions that may affect the proposed project
    • Obtain site survey for additions
    • Prepare preliminary plan
    • Prepare preliminary budget
  • Step 2 | Design Phase
    • Complete Construction documents including specifications and drawings
    • Hire design professional for engineering requirements
    • Formalize finish schedule
    • Solicit bids from trade contractors and suppliers
    • Prepare final budget for contract
  • Step 3 | Construction Phase
    • Enter into construction agreement
    • Set start date and finalize timeline
    • Obtain building permit and file all necessary paperwork with county and/or city
    • Complete project based on specifications
  • Step 4 | Completion Phase
    • Receive final building inspections
    • Obtain certificate of completion
    • Review final punch list and complete
    • Close out and final billing
    • Client satisfaction survey
    • Final completion photography
    • 30-day follow-up visit
    • One-year follow-up visit