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What to Look for in Condo Remodel Contractors in Your Area

Condo Remodel Contractors Naples FL

When it comes time to remodel your home it is important to hire the best of the best. Not only are you entrusting someone to work inside the place where you live, but you’re also paying money for someone to remodel your condo for you to enjoy for years to come. Here is what to look for in a condo remodel contractor in your area.


The first thing to look for in a condo remodeling contractor in your area is someone that is transparent in their communication. One that keeps you informed, as well as someone that is willing to meet with you face-to-face to discuss your wants and needs. After all, this is your condo remodel, so the contractor should be in constant communication with you.

Therefore, you should always avoid a company that is “too busy” to take a call or meet with you, especially in the midst of a project.


A condo remodel contractor needs to be fully licensed to work on your specific project. In many cases, a condo remodel must abide by specific HOA rules that will require a knowledgeable and experienced contractor. In Florida, a contractor needs to have specific licenses and certifications to work on your project. If they do not meet these requirements, start looking for another contractor.

Condo Remodel Contractors Naples FL


One of the best ways to choose a condo remodeling contractor in your area is to look at the contractor’s experience. By looking at previous jobs you can often determine if the company will be able to complete your remodel project. Also, by looking at client reviews and testimonials, you may be able to discern the personality of the contractor and how they interact with their clients.

If you are looking for a condo remodel contractor in your area, trust Varian Construction. With more than 30 years of experience and over 15 Florida Home Builders Association awards, Varian Construction is truly the best.

A survey done by Build Zoom, a general contractor referral website, ranked Varian Construction in the Top 5 general contractors in Naples. Now, not only do the finished products sing praises on Varian Construction, but so do the experts.

Varian Construction is transparent with its customers and clients especially when it comes to doing a condo remodel. The family-owned and operated company gives each client a detailed timeline of the project as well as uses CoConstruct as a platform for communication, financial tracking and scheduling.

Fully licensed and equipped to work on your condo remodel, Varian Construction is the best contracting company for your job.

With countless jobs completed throughout the Southwest Florida area, you can be confident in Varian Construction’s experience and expertise. Contact the award-winning contractor today at or at 239-514-0103.

Five Home Upgrades That Add Value Before You Sell

Home Remodel Naples, FL | Varian Construction

Many home upgrades are done for the sole pleasure and enjoyment of the homeowner. Redoing a kitchen may offer a long-awaited dream cooking space for the chef of the home. Or, updating a master bath can offer the aesthetic pleasures of a new design and feel, as well as a space for comfort and relaxation. In addition to adding enjoyment to the home, upgrades may also increase the home’s value. Here are five home upgrades that can add value before you sell your home.

Bathroom Remodel

The appearance of the bathroom is often a major selling point. According to Rochester Real Estate, the #1 item that millennial home buyers look for when buying a home is an updated bathroom.

Due to the inherent nature of the bathroom, it is one of the first rooms in the home to appear outdated or out-of-place. The hot water, moisture, and excessive use of the room can present color fading, stained tiles, rot and other turn-offs for buyers.

That’s why renovating even the smallest room in the home is crucial. Bathroom remodel ideas can be anything from refurbishing bathroom tiles to replacing tubs or showers, to painting walls or refacing vanities.

Depending on the scale of the bathroom remodel, the average return on investment is between 54% – 60%.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is a coveted project. Adding the newest appliances and the latest technology is a meal-preppers dream. As the gathering space of the home, a kitchen remodel is popular because of its “show-off “nature. Guests may never see your personal bathroom, but they will always see the kitchen. Why not create a space that is breath-taking and one that adds resale value to the home?

The price of a kitchen remodel can vary depending on the magnitude of the project. Whether you are upgrading the countertops or changing the cabinets, a kitchen remodel can change the entire look and feel to one of the most important rooms in the home.

According to the website Remodeling HW, the average return on investment for a kitchen remodel is between 53% and 75% of its cost.

Outdoor Rental Addition

A recent trend in construction and home upgrades has been incorporating outdoor rental spaces to the home.  As many people are looking for hospitality accommodations with secluded and personal options, they have turned to rental programs such as Airbnb and VRBO.

According to STR and AirDNA, short-term rentals have outperformed hotels in the past year, presumably from fear of COVID-19. With over 7 million listings in 220 different countries, Airbnb reinvented what it means to vacation.

As homeowners, we should always stay up-to-date with current and future trends in order to best gauge future home values. If it is within your means, HOA rules and local zoning laws and ordinances, it may be profitable to add an outdoor rental addition to your home. Profitable additions could be outdoor casitas, tiny homes or little vacation rentals to your property, especially in highly traveled states, such as southern states.

Known as a “ADU,” or accessory dwelling unit, this upgrade can boost home resale value depending on the location, size of the ADU, and rental agreements.

Porch Remodel Naples, FL | Varian Construction

Deck / Patio / Porch Addition

When it comes to adding value to your home, it pays off to think outside the box. Creating a unique outdoor living space might just set your property apart from the neighbors. Creating a space that is functional, elegant, and overall eye-catching might just be the selling factor of the home. After all, the first impression of your home is often the front porch.

By updating or building a new deck or porch, your home will have the “it factor” that so many buyers are looking for. Something as little as refurbishing a lanai or a walkway will also give a buyer a memory point, one they may recall, such as “the home with the relaxing front porch, or adorable landscape walkway.”

Depending on the materials used in the addition, such as wood or composite, the average ROI  is about 65%. 

Whole House Remodel

If you are interested in increasing home value, but want to stay put, you might be interested in a whole house remodel. A whole house remodel often suggests the common phrase, “love it or list it.”

A full house remodel may be exactly what your place needs. Upgrading it to today’s standards, designs and safety features will surely increase the home’s value. Anything from creating open concept living areas, redoing the flooring, or even adding extra levels can make the home feasible for a growing family.

If you are interested in a whole home remodel, or any home upgrade, trust the professionals at Varian Construction. With over 30 years of experience and over 15 Florida Home Builders Association awards, there is no question that Varian Construction is the right contractor for your project.

Specializing in everything from commercial projects to condo remodels, Varian Construction is the best construction company for your specific home upgrade. Fully licensed to work in Florida, Varian Construction can successfully complete all your renovation and remodel needs.

Adding value to your home begins with a call, so contact Varian Construction today at 239.514.0103 or visit our website.