Five Tips for Doing a Bathroom Remodel in Naples, FL

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We could sit here and write about how important the bathroom is, how much time is spent in it  or just about, etc. etc. When it comes right down to it, we all know that the bathroom is the most essential room in your home. One of the first things that catches a buyer’s eye is a finished or remodeled bathroom. In fact, a mid-range bathroom remodel recoups 64% of its value in a home resale, while an upscale bathroom remodel recoups 56% of its value. In a time like the present, and when the Naples real estate market is at an all time high, a bathroom remodel is worth the investment.

Here are five tips for doing a bathroom remodel in Naples, FL from the experts at Varian Construction.

Make a budget

The old saying, “money talks,” always comes to mind when making a budget. Make sure you talk about the money, before the money talks to you. Plan the scope and scale of your project. Are you doing an upscale remodel? Are you adding new features such as a double vanity or flooring? What are the labor costs? Be sure to shop around before embarking on a bathroom remodel in Naples, FL. The best way to gauge the scale of a budget, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, is to take 5% to 10% of your home’s value and spend that on your bathroom remodel.  

The average mid-range bathroom remodel costs between $11,000 to $21,000 and adds an average of $7,000 to $13,000 to the value of a home.  

An average upscale bathroom remodel costs around $67,000. The statistics show that it adds an average of $37,000 to your home.

Plan to spend at least 20% of the budget on labor and installation. Here at Varian Construction, we take pride in providing the best service for a reasonable price. We understand that planning a budget can be difficult, so we are here to help. For help regarding a preliminary budget or evaluating your project give us a call at (239) 514-0103


In order to start a bathroom renovation in Naples, you are going to need to plan the scale and layout of your bathroom. Think about whether or not you want a full bathroom (sink, toilet, bath or shower) or a half bathroom (sink and toilet).

Don’t be afraid of thinking big! Here at Varian Construction, we can turn a small half bath into a full-size luxury master bath by borrowing space in from another room right located adjacent to the bathroom in question.

When laying out your bathroom remember the plumbing can be a factor. Especially in Florida homes where basements are non-existent, it may add a challenge to “re-wire” plumbing. Be sure to plan where you may be putting baths, showers, sinks and toilets.

Planning the layout of the bathroom is essential before starting the glamorous part of designing the bathroom. Once a budget and layout are ready, you are ready to move onto fun stuff: design.

Bathroom Remodeling | Varian Construction


Designing a bathroom remodel can be a fun task, but don’t let HGTV in you get carried away and remember, you planned a budget for good reason. Start with the basics. Assess what your bathroom needs are. Make sure you account for storage and functionality before you add succulents and fluffy towels.

Remember you are working with a bathroom, which delivers extra challenges that other spaces of your home do not have. Plan on incorporating ventilation and tile work to prevent mold and other issues from arising. Plan for windows or fans if they are non-existent. Windows will add extra light into the bathroom and give that bathroom an open feel.

Look up different bathroom ideas, browse through bathroom galleries and be creative! Create that dream bathroom for yourself and make sure it matches the personality of the house.


Time to put the bath in bathroom. This is where the project can get pricey, but remember you are investing in your home.

When looking at adding fixtures to your bathroom, remember your layout and design. Can you fit a tub or larger shower? If the space allows for it, ditch the old shower and upgrade to a walk-in shower. Adding a glass door or even an entrance to a bathroom will add a clean and modern look to your bathroom.

Add or upgrade storage. By painting or adding new cabinets and storage you can make the room feel new and open. It goes without saying, but create a space for towels, bathroom essentials and other items you keep in the most-used room in your home.

What is better than one vanity? Simple – a double vanity. A double vanity allows you to have more space and freedom in your bathroom. A double vanity is a main selling point in any bathroom so don’t scrimp on one.

Another way to upgrade the bathroom is to add new tiling! Tiles add functionality to the bathroom and can be the focal point of the design. The tiles can add a new feel to the shower, vanity or flooring.

Hire a contractor

The bathroom is deceiving by its small scale but it should not be a DIY project. It is of upmost importance to create a safe, functioning and lifelong space for your home. This is a project for an experienced and trusted contractor. Remember, this is an investment for you and for your home’s value. It is worth it to shower in another room for a couple days, so that you can shower in your dream bathroom forever.

If you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel in Naples, FL, trust Varian Construction. Varian Construction has over 30+ years of experience in remodeling and renovating homes, condos and commercial projects in the area. To get started on your bathroom remodel, contact Varian at (239) 514-010 or visit Varian Construction.