What the Experts Learned from Home Remodeling Trends in 2020

Experts in Remodeling | Varian Construction

Even with 30 years of experience in home building, 2020 brought forth unprecedented lessons in the area of home remodeling. As an expert home builder and contractor in Naples Florida, we make it a priority to learn from our experiences and ensure that we create the best products for our clients.  Here are some of the major lessons we learned as an essential worker in 2020.

The home is more than just a build 

Home has been redefined as a shelter and safe place away from the horrors of the pandemic. Just about one year later, we are still hearing about “home quarantine”, “working from home,” and even “home concerts!” A home is now a place for the family to relax, play and work. Here at Varian construction, we want to make sure your home is that place. By updating and remodeling your house you can give it the look and feel that you have always wanted. Many people have taken on a bathroom remodel, condo remodels, or even a full home remodel in the past year! If you are looking to turn your Naples home into something more, check out some of Varian construction’s work!  

The importance of planning

It is no secret that nobody planned on the extremes we saw last year. As a premier Naples home builder, we take pride in our specific and efficient planning process. Our first two stages of our construction process start with evaluation and design. In the evaluation stage, we meet to discuss your wants and needs for your project. Upon evaluation, we research zoning requirements and any deed restrictions that would limit us in any way. The more research done in the planning process, the less likely it is to have a problem arise during the project. We then plan a preliminary budget and timeframe for your remodel so that there are no surprises. In the design phase, we make sure that your wants and needs for your space are met with the best equipment, suppliers, and professionals.  Your budget will be finalized along with drawings and construction documents. 

Experts in Remodeling | Varian Construction

Home offices are the future

Along with many other home trends, we have seen a massive change to the “work-from-home mentality.” In fact, 1 in 4 Americans is currently working from home as of January 2021, according to a study by Apollo Technical.  In order to make these work changes, people have had to make home changes. By adding home offices, utilizing old spaces, or even adding additions to their home, they have turned family rooms into conference rooms, garages to cubicles and dining rooms into break rooms. If you are planning on making any of these changes, call Varian Construction to plan your new office at home.

Client satisfaction

2020 changed what it means to invite someone into your home. It takes a new amount of trust to let someone work in your home. Here at Varian Construction, we have taken major precautions to ensure safety for our team members and our valued clients. We understand that it is a big deal to invite someone into your home, the pandemic aside, which is why we make client satisfaction our number one priority. We want to make sure that that your home is exactly what you envisioned and more. For more on Varian Construction check out our website or call 239-514-0103.