Looking at Home Renovation Trends in 2021

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2021 is already looking like a great year for the housing market. With Florida real estate on the rise in December of 2020, the housing market is only expected to keep improving. So too, will home renovation projects. Here is a look at expected 2021 home renovation trends from the experts at Varian Construction.

Redefining work from home

It is no secret that 2020 brought a new set of challenges to us. Many people have made the switch from the office to working from home. For home renovation trends, this has led to homeowners remodeling rooms to serve different functions. For functional designs, people have shifted toward creating spaces with dual-purpose furniture for both work and play. COO and cofounder of DecorMatters, Jing Xue, stated that homeowners “Will spend more time and effort creating a unique workspace to maximize their concertation, motivation and productivity.” This may lead to opening up rooms with light, new colors and maximizing space in other rooms.

Many people have converted spare bedrooms, large closets and sunrooms into home offices. If you are interested in repurposing a room, consider hiring a contractor. A contractor can turn your ideas into reality. When looking for a contractor, keep timeframes in mind. An experienced contractor will know that you need to get back into your office ASAP, which is why you should trust the professionals.

Home Renovations | Varian Construction

Short-term rentals

After being stuck inside, many people are planning getaway vacations. A major trend that the hospitality industry is seeing is that people want to a stay in secluded and personal spaces. Instead of hotels and cruises, people are choosing rental vacations from such providers as AirBnB. According to STR and AirDNA, short-term rentals have outperformed hotels in the past year, presumably from fear of COVID-19. With over 7 million listings in 220 different countries, AirBnB reinvented what it means to vacation.

This trend has affected home renovations, because people creating additions to their homes to accommodate short-term rentals or sprucing up investment properties for short-term usage. Homeowners have added bedrooms, outside casitas and little vacation rentals to their properties. This can be very beneficial for places in southern states.

Bathroom getaway

One of the most classic home renovations is resurfacing once again. Maybe you found yourself like the 41% of homeowners that said they “Escaped to their bathroom” for alone and quiet time during the pandemic. As many people seek to relax in their bathtub, many people have upgraded their bathrooms. A bathroom upgrade may encompass new flooring, new shower or tub, storage and others. If you are planning on doing a bathroom remodel, check out these tips from Varian Construction.

After 30+ years of doing home renovations, Varian Construction knows and understands the upcoming trends. Varian Construction is a trusted, qualified and licensed owner-operated company in Southwest Florida. If you are looking to do a home remodel, join the thousands who have trusted Varian Construction by calling 239.514.0103 or visiting Varian Construction.