Tips for Hiring the Most Qualified Licensed Contractor in Southwest Florida

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If you’re looking to hire a licensed contractor in Southwest Florida, you’re going to want to look for someone who’s not only qualified, but someone you can trust. Here are three tips for hiring a licensed contractor.

Make a realistic plan

A good project starts with a good plan. Our first tip is to create a realistic plan and expectations based on the scope of your project. For example, adding a basement to your Southwest Florida home is an unrealistic expectation. During your planning period, it’s almost as important to consider the daily disturbances and debris associated with your project that might affect you and your neighbors as it is the project itself.

After making your plan and considering various licensed contractors, you will be able to work with them and determine if they are the right fit for your project.

Utilize all your resources

When looking to hire a licensed contractor in Southwest Florida, utilize all your resources. You can ask friends and family for references, see information on the contractor on reputable websites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, read reviews left by previous customers and determine if any formal complaints have been filed against them.

After putting together a short list of licensed contractors you’re considering working with, continue to use your resources by reaching out to them directly. Set up an in person or virtual meeting and ask them the important questions like the ones listed here.

Discuss best methods of communication

Because communication is always key, you’ll want to pick a licensed contractor that communicates in a way you understand. Because you’re not the expert, from day one you should assess if the contractor is talking in a way that’s over your head.

In addition to verbal communication, it’s important to discuss how you’re going to communicate day-to-day, so you know what to expect. Will the contractor reach out to you via telephone calls, texts, email, web-based platform, etc?

If you’re looking for a trusted, qualified and licensed contractor in Southwest Florida, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your home remodeling project.