Five Questions to Ask Your Home Remodeling Contractor

Questions to Ask Your Home Remodeling Contractor

Completing a home remodel is a project that requires a lot of time, energy and money. Because remodeling your home is a large commitment and not a DIY project, it’s imperative to do your research and ask your potential contractor the right questions. Before hiring a contractor, you should ask them these five essential questions:

1) What’s your license number?

Although this question may seem inconsequential, it’s an important one to ask. A contractor that works without a valid contracting license is not one you want to work with. Skimping on a key factor such as a license may also mean this individual will skimp on other important aspects of the remodeling process like being bonded, insured, getting the proper permits to complete your project, communication with your homeowner’s association and more.

2) Can I see examples of your completed work?

Taking a look at examples of your potential contractor’s work will give you an inside look into their capabilities, skills and previously completed projects. In addition to this, it will illustrate whether or not they have a wide portfolio of projects and experience. If they don’t take photos of their work, it may be an indicator that it’s not up to par or they were unhappy with the final results.

3) Do you take on remodeling projects of my scope?

If you’re looking through the portfolio of the contractor’s work and don’t see projects that fit your vision or the scale of your project, ask if they take on projects like yours. It’s essential to confirm that your contractor has the skills and ability to complete your remodel. They may not have been given the opportunity to complete a project as unique as yours quite yet, but that does not mean they are unable.

4) Who will be working in my home?

Depending on the contracting company, the individual you meet with to discuss the project may not be the one who completes it. If this is the case of the contractor you’re considering, ask to meet the project manager before hiring them. This will be the person who is in your home on a daily basis and who’s making sure your project gets completed. Your trust in them is just as important as your trust in the company in general.

5) How do you work?

Remodeling isn’t always a 9-5 job. Depending on the contractor, their work may start earlier, end later or flow into the weekends. Asking in advance how the contractor works will save you some headaches and allow you to adjust your lifestyle for the duration of the project if need be. Other important questions to ask that relate to your project are “Will you clean up after your work each day?”, “Will you be hauling off any garbage and debris from the project?” and “How have you resolved differences in opinions in the past?”

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