Things to Know Before Hiring a General Contractor in Naples, FL

Hiring a General Contractor | Varian Construction

When planning to hire a general contractor to remodel your home, it is essential you do your research. Hiring someone who does the job incorrectly may land you in hot water and potentially in debt. If you’re looking to hire a general contractor in Naples, FL, here are three key things to know. 

Always trust your gut

When hiring a general contractor, or anyone you’re trusting to perform work on your home, it’s important to trust your gut and not ignore any red flags. For example, if a contractor is unwilling to tell you their license number, it likely means they do not have one. 

To ensure your project turns out perfectly, once you’ve found a couple of contractors you would like to work with, properly vet each general contractor and subcontractor, check references, ask the right questions, check their licenses and in the end negotiate a detailed contract.

Above all, you should be comfortable with the contractor you choose more than anything else and trust your gut. You’re essentially entering a relationship with this contractor to remodel your home, and that relationship needs to be successful. 

Communication is key

From the beginning, you’ll want to make sure the general contractor you’re vetting is having open, clear and honest communication with you at all times. From ensuring they’re licensed and insured to confirming they fully understand your project’s goals, communication is key. 

In addition to this, communication is essential when deciding whether or not you’re going to work with a general contractor because you’re not the expert. The contractor should be able to explain the project in laymen’s terms, so you’re never confused or caught off guard if things do not go as planned. 

Another aspect of communication you’ll want to discuss with your contractor is how they’re going to reach you and how you’re going to reach them. Will you communicate via call, text, email, web-based platform, etc? Additionally, you’ll want to know who you’re going to communicate with during the job and have their contact information on hand. 

Hiring a General Contractor | Varian Construction

Read the contract before you sign it

Once you’ve met with and compiled a list of three general contractors that you trust could do the job right, it’s time to negotiate a detailed contract. 

According to Angie’s List, Out of about 1,000 Angie’s List members responding to a recent online poll, 10 percent say they didn’t sign a contract for a large home improvement project, 4 percent only glanced at it and 32 percent admit to only reviewing it somewhat closely. 

Experts in the industry will place a strong emphasis on contracts, but each should have some flexibility for unforeseen circumstance that are out of both parties’ control. Nailing down a project’s specifics in a written contract protects the homeowner and the contractor. 

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