How to Incorporate Modern Home Décor in a Remodel

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After a remodel, it’s important that the intended remodel space be updated and matches the new feel of the home. Remodeling can often increase the overall value of the property so make sure that your home’s decor reflects your new remodel, thereby wowing visitors, potential buyers or family. Here are some helpful ideas on how to incorporate modern home décor in a remodel.

Kitchen Décor

A kitchen remodel is one of the most coveted and highly requested transformations. The kitchen gets plenty of use as it’s a space where family gathers, guests are welcomed, and generational secrets are shared. If you want to add modern home décor to the kitchen, here are some ideas.

Quartz Countertops

By adding Quartz countertops to your new kitchen remodel, you can create a modern look and feel as well as a functioning feature to your space. Quartz countertops are stronger than granite and marble options making it more durable for your unique family structure. The material also doesn’t absorb moisture, unlike other countertops, making it a stain-resistant addition to your modern kitchen.

Cabinetry Décor

A kitchen remodel often involves adding new cabinetry for updated storage. If you want to add modern home décor to the kitchen, the cabinets offer a blank canvas to do so. Many modern kitchens have LED lighting, metallic hardware and even fake greenery in and around the cabinets adding a breath of fresh air to a once-dull space.

Bathroom Décor

A newly remodeled bathroom comes with bragging rights. To some, reviving an old space with new fixtures and plumbing is as exciting as purchasing a new home. Here are some ideas for incorporating modern home décor in a remodeled bathroom to give you a similar feeling.


Who said chandeliers are reserved for foyers and entryways? We believe that every room in the house deserves the elegance and class of a chandelier. Not only can you incorporate a chandelier in the bathroom, but by adding hanging fixtures, Edison bulbs, or low-profile LEDs to the space, you can achieve a modern look in the most-used room of the home.


If you are remodeling the bathroom, don’t go back to using the same old bathmat from before, add a touch of modern. Improve the design of your bathroom with new accent pieces that add to the remodel, but don’t distract from the room. By using neutral-colored rugs and mats you can add flow and new life to the smallest room in the home.

Bedroom Décor

In some homes, bedroom décor changes like the seasons. Sometimes homeowners see something they like and immediately start altering their bedroom design. Although no one says you can’t, here are some ideas that might last longer than your recent bedroom décor additions.

Bed Framing  

As the centerpiece for the whole room, the bed often doesn’t change with a remodel. However, many people tend to transform their space with a new bed set. Adding a headboard or footboard to the bed, will change the look and feel of the entire room. By adding a low frame, platform bed frame, or even just a new headboard, you can modernize your room – and with one simple addition.

Modern Remodel | Naples FL


Reflecting on a remodel is a good feeling. Adding mirrors to empty walls does the same. Perhaps the pinnacle of modern décor is the addition of mirrors. Mirrors are perfect for bedrooms as they reflect natural light, are functional and make any room look bigger than it might actually be. If you’re having difficulty choosing between which paintings or photographs to hang on your bedroom wall, think outside the box and add a mirror. It just might be a perfect reflection of your great taste.

Remodeling Your Home

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