Thinking of a Whole Home Remodel? Here’s Where to Start!

Naples Whole Home Remodel | Varian Construction

A whole home remodel comes with a lot of thought and planning. Certainly, one does not wake up and make the decision to undergo a full renovation. When it comes to home remodeling, we know each home is unique in build, design and ideas. Here is what you need to know when thinking of a whole home remodel.

Evaluation / Planning

Each whole home remodel comes with unique challenges and considerations that will affect the total cost of your project. If you preemptively plan the budget for your project, you will limit any chance of surprises that may come from the buildout.

As licensed and experienced Naples contractors, our professionals at Varian Construction help you put together a preliminary budget for your whole home remodel in order that all your wants and needs for your project are addressed and planned for ahead of time. Our experienced team will establish you with top-quality design professionals and trade contractors so you will be working with the best of the best.

Design Phase

One of the greatest reasons to do a whole home remodel is to be able to stay right where you are but updating your home with today’s more modern standards. As author Wendy Wunder says, “The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave, but feels even better to come back.”

The design phase is the next critical component in a whole home remodel.

In this phase, our skilled contractors will complete construction documents that include specifications and drawings of your finished whole home remodel. Here, the scope of your home remodel is only limited by your imagination.

Think of what you want and need for the now and for the future. Is it an updated outdoor space, kitchen and living room, or is it creating a more welcoming entrance, addition, or guest space in your home? When designing for the future, your home should be a functional place for an expanding family, home office or new additions for your loved ones to enjoy. Whatever it is, Varian Construction can turn any home into a dream home.

Naples Whole Home Remodel | Varian Construction

Construction Phase

A whole home remodel is a labor-intensive but invaluable process. Updating your home should not only make your home more comfortable for your family, but should increase the value of your home. At Varian Construction, we take pride in all of our construction projects.

In the construction phase, it is important that each aspect of the building process is addressed. From permits, licenses, specifications, agreements and overall design, Varian Construction will make sure your whole home remodel is finalized to perfection.

Some of our projects include opening up base floor plans to combine the dining, kitchen, and living areas into an open-concept plan. Updating homes with new flooring, larger base and casings, and a fresh coat of paint, are a popular upgrade. We can even create safer modifications to homes so they can withstand Florida’s unpredictable weather.

If you are planning on doing a whole home remodel, trust Varian Construction to upgrade your space. We understand the value of doing a renovation which is why we offer 30-day follow up visits and one-year follow up visits to ensure every single project is built with the highest quality and architectural standards. For more on whole home remodels visit our website or contact us today at 239.514.0103.