Seven Necessary Steps to Home Renovation

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A whole-home renovation is anything but a small project. Television shows romanticize the idea of shopping for new furniture, new painting, and adding special touches to your home, without the real grit behind the project. Before you can start shopping for your favorite new home pieces, here are seven necessary steps to take in a home renovation.

Step 1: Plan

The first step in any project, especially a full-home renovation is to plan. Planning what you want from your renovation, what your time frame is and planning the budget of the renovation is always the first step. Depending on the project, plans may have to be put in place for living accommodations during the home renovation. Be sure to plan if you will be staying in the home or if you will be leaving while the work is being completed. Ask your contractor if it is possible for you to stay in your home, as it always depends on the scale and intensity of the renovation. 

Step 2: Evaluation

When you have a plan in place, you can then select a contractor to evaluate the project. A home renovation is not a DIY project. Be sure to look for contractors with experience, licenses, and someone who provides ongoing communication to you. Check out these tips for picking a Naples contractor for information on choosing a builder that’s right for you. 

In the evaluation step, a trusted contractor should map out zoning requirements, site surveys and any deed restrictions you may have for your remodel. This is where choosing the right contractor comes into play. If you are in the Naples area, check out Varian Construction. Varian has over 30 years of experience in home renovations. Our work can be seen throughout Naples including Port Royal, Royal Harbor, Pelican Bay, and Golden Gate Estates!

Step 3: Demolition

This step should not come as a shock to you as you have to tear down walls to put up new ones. If you walk into a home renovation project and you see your house gutted and demolished, do not fear. This is a necessary step.  Demolition is best left to professionals. With cautions like wiring, plumbing, and load-bearing walls, demolition should be provided by a skilled and licensed professional to tear down and build up. 

Step 4: Electrical / Plumbing

One of the most necessary steps to a home renovation is electrical and plumbing work. Updating an entertainment room, office, or really any room with lights, will offer new electrical challenges that should be left to contractors and electricians. If you are redoing a bathroom, kitchen, or lanai, plumbing is one of the most important steps. In Florida homes, HVAC and cooling systems should be updated every 10 to 15 years due to the amount of use. If you are renovating a home, do not spare the extra expense to upgrade your systems so it is not a headache you’ll have to face later. 

Home Renovations | Varian Construction

Step 5: Drywall

Drywalls are the bones of the home. This is where you can start seeing where rooms are, and where dreams start to become reality. When drywalling a home, contractors will lay out doors and window locations, as well as mapping out the home. This is a very exciting step for a homeowner and at this point, a contractor should be in active communication with you to start finalizing the project. Trust an award-winning contractor like Varian, who prides themselves on connecting with their clients to ensure there are no surprises during the home renovation project. 

Step 6: Design 

The scope of home remodeling is only limited by your imagination, which is why you hire a seasoned contractor to design any room to the best of your liking. The design portion includes painting, flooring, furnishing, lighting, landscaping and much more. For design ideas check out the Varian Construction gallery. 

Step 7: Inspection

The final step to a home renovation is the home inspection. Here you will be sure to know that your home is up to standards, safe, and matches your plans laid out in the beginning. Here at Varian Construction, our project doesn’t end here. We make sure to follow up with a 30-day follow-up visit and even a one-year follow up visit to make sure our clients love their homes forever. To learn more about home renovations in Naples Florida, check out our website or call 239-514-0103 today.