Questions to Ask Before Remodeling A Condo Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel | Varian Construction

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you gather with family, entertain friends and in general, make memories. As such, it should exude comfort. If your current condo kitchen is outdated and not your favorite place in your home, it may be time for a remodel. If you’re considering remodeling your condo kitchen, here are five questions you should ask yourself before getting started. 

1) What are my goals? 

Before taking a sledgehammer to your dated countertops, you should first ask yourself what you would like to accomplish with your kitchen remodel. Ask yourself if you’re looking to update the look of your kitchen, make it more functional and/or add more storage. Are you looking to turn your kitchen into a chef’s paradise, make it a place to entertain or add space so your kids can do their homework? Keep in mind that the more goals you have for your kitchen, the higher the price tag may be. It’s important to ask yourself if you’re willing to splurge to make your kitchen into your new favorite room in your condo. 

2) What’s my budget? 

Now that you have an idea for what your goals are for your new condo kitchen, you can set a budget. Setting a budget will help you stay on track and keep things realistic. If you’re planning on hiring a contractor, be sure to share your budget with them so you both are on the same page. 

3) Do I want to keep this layout? 

Keep in mind that if you do decide to move major plumbing fixtures like the sink, this will add extra costs potentially raising your budget. However, if you have big dreams and your budget is up for the task, changing your layout can be the perfect way to finally add that breakfast nook you’ve always wanted or near endless amount of counter space. 

While considering changing your layout, you should also consider the lighting of your kitchen and how it could be improved. Would you like to add more natural light, utilize the natural light you have most effectively and/or get rid of dated light fixtures that won’t do your new space any justice? Thinking of your lighting during when deciding if you’d like to change the layout of your kitchen will aid you in making this critical decision. 

Kitchen Remodel | Varian Construction

4) How much storage do I want and need? 

A lot of homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens due to a lack of storage. When you’re remodeling your condo kitchen, think of what storage needs and how a remodel can solve these problems. Are you in need of a bigger pantry, a double-door fridge/freezer or even a wine cooler? Considering these options first will ensure the end result you desire.

5) Do I need professional help? 

Remodeling a condo kitchen is not a simple task by any means. Before you decide to make this project a DIY, ask yourself if you’re going to need professional help. For large projects like a kitchen remodel, it’s definitely recommended. A contractor can help you with construction, design, architecture, permitting, working with your homeowners’ association and more. In Florida, you’re required to obtain a building permit before renovating your condo kitchen because condominiums are considered a multi-family, a homeowner is not allowed to obtain an owner-builder permit. A contractor knows these requirements and regulations and can take the stress of them out of your hands. You’ll quickly see the ROI when the project is in a trusted professional’s hands and you’re left with your dream condo kitchen without all the stress of managing the remodel yourself.

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area and are eager to begin your condo kitchen remodeling project, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Varian Construction is a 30-year-old, owner-operated company that takes pride in their projects all while alleviating the stress on the homeowner. They go above and beyond the call of duty for your remodeling project.