Pricing the Best General Contractors Near Me in Southwest Florida

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The smell of fresh paint, wood glue, and promise fills the air. Construction is underway and you’re feeling optimistic about the remodel of your home office. A thought pops into your head about how contemporary and functional the final product will be. You’ll finally be able to enjoy where you work and keep your productivity levels soaring. 

Then, as you think about the cost, you scratch your head in confusion, as you try to remember any hint of budgeting before the construction actually began. Did you discuss a budget? Did you discuss a timeline? You received a loose time frame from the contractor and an “it will get done in a few weeks,” statement. It definitely did not give you peace of mind.  

This isn’t the experience you want to have when hiring a general contractor. A new home expansion or remodel can be stressful, and at times you’ll wonder why you didn’t do the job yourself or whether it was worth remodeling in the first place.

We’re here to tell you that there are contractors in Southwest Florida that will not only meet your needs but will also go above and beyond to meet your project goals by setting up the right expectations.  Here are the essential phases of an effective construction process from the start of a project to its completion. Satisfaction of the client and fair pay for the contractor leaves everyone happy. 

Evaluation Phase

First comes the evaluation phase of a project. A highly experienced general contractor will want to meet with the client and get a feeling for the scope of the project. This is where you come in, you must discuss your wants and your needs. Set expectations! Supply the contractor with a general idea of what materials you’d like to incorporate into the build. 

A qualified contractor will also want to ensure that no zoning restrictions, HOA complications, or home deed restrictions affect the outcome of the project. Most importantly, laying out a preliminary budget with your contractor is going to yield the best results for your remodel and compensation for their work. This allows the contractor time to source materials and lay out a plan for the completion of the project in order to ensure cost/time efficiency. 

You’ll want to be specific during this phase. Did you want a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door? How about a bay window with a built-in nook for reading? Did you want a bar that opens up onto the lanai? These are details you’ll want to bring up. The chemistry between you and the contractor will help you formulate the best possible plan for your desired project.

General Contractor Naples | Varian Construction

Design Phase

Following the evaluation phase of the project, the contractor will begin the design phase. Specifications and drawings will be created for the remodeling and construction proposal. Your contractors may discuss hiring a design professional before starting construction.

As a part of the entire remodeling process, contractors will frequently solicit bids from trade contractors and suppliers. Painters, plumbers, electricians, and interior designers may need to be subcontracted based on the scope of the project. A bathroom remodel may require an expert in plumbing. Your GC’s scope of work would include vetting the right person/company for the job and overseeing their work.

Preparing a final budget for the contract is the most essential step in this phase. Prepare yourself for a final budget that differs from the original estimate due to changes in the scope of the project.

Construction Plan

The meat of the project will be in the construction phase. Before construction begins, your contractor will have you sign a construction agreement, a paper that gives them the go-ahead to start the work. 

Prior to the start of construction, expect building permits and county/ city paperwork filing as another step for the contractor to complete to ensure that your project won’t become a liability or be flagged for breaking state regulations. The contractor and the client (you) will set a start date for the project and finalize a timeline.

Completion Phase

This is the moment you and your contractor will tie up all of the loose ends of the project. Inspections will test the integrity of the build, ensuring you get the highest quality and longest-lasting remodel for your money’s worth. When you are satisfied with your general contractor’s work, you’ll no doubt sign a certificate of completion, finalizing the remodel.

A good general contractor will review a “final punch list” to see if any details were missed in the initial construction. The closeout will include any final billing that will be discussed and given to the client for review and payment. Expect to receive a survey from your contractor so they may see areas of improvement or praise that you may give them.

Most general contractors take pride in their hard work and may want to take photos of the remodel to share with other prospective remodeling clients. Additionally, a 30-day follow-up visit would be conducted to make sure everything is working out for the client and there are no adjustments or repairs that need to be made. Furthermore, a one-year follow-up visit for overall client satisfaction would ensure the client and the builder are content with the results of the remodel.

Hiring a general contractor shouldn’t be difficult. If your contractor follows these guidelines when working with you on a project, you both should be pleased with the results. Using this guideline will not only help you weed out contractors that don’t keep you in the loop, but it will also help you establish a realistic budget, set expectations, and give you an idea of what type of general contractors you’re looking to hire. Remember, you are thinking about quality over quantity when dealing with your home, your precious investment. Hire an experienced general contractor that goes above and beyond for you. 

Are you interested in a remodel of any room in your home? Perhaps the entire home?! The best general contractor in SWFL is offering their help. All of the phases mentioned above have been coined by Bill Varian, owner of Varian Construction. If you want to have the best remodeler for your home, choose the Varian Process and call 239-514-0103 to get started.