How to Remodel Your Home to Grow with You

How to Remodel Your Home to Grow with You

A large amount of the Florida population is over 60 years of age, having relocated to the south to enjoy their retirement. Retiring in Florida becomes a decades-long commitment during which time an individual’s body may change, but without some planning, their home will not. If you’re looking to live out your golden years in one home, a remodel may be necessary from a safety and quality-of-life standpoint. The contractor you choose for this task should fully understand the importance of creating a home that will enhance your quality of life. Whether you’re looking to remodel a home or a condo, here are three recommendations on how you can age more comfortably in your own home.

Work with a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)

Although seniors have other options for where to live as they get older, an overwhelming number would prefer to stay in their homes. This is where a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) comes in. This certification program teaches the technical, business management and customer service skills that are essential to older adults, remodeling your home into a safe, yet stimulating environment that allows you to maintain your independence as you age. This certification provides CAPS contractors with the skills necessary to help clients make choices that will help them stay in their homes safely and securely. Working with a CAPS contractor will ensure that your best interests and your future is in mind.

Select the right accommodations

There is an expansive list of accommodations and features a Certified Aging-in-Place specialist can add to your home in order to make it more comfortable as you grow older. The full list can be found here. Some of the most notable and common remodels that can be completed for your whole-house or condo remodel include changes to the overall floor plan, wider hallways and doors for wheelchair access, non-slip flooring, additional windows for natural light, handrails, easy-to-read controls on appliances, fold-down shower seats, high-tech security/intercom systems and a residential elevator or lift.

Make your home more visitable

Additionally, a CAPS contractor can help make a client’s home more “visitable”. As a homeowner today, you may not be at an age where ramps and grab bars are useful or even necessary for you. But over time, this may be a giant relief for aging parents or other visitors.

If you live in Southwest Florida and are looking for a company that takes your future into consideration when completing a condo or whole-house remodeling project, contact Varian Construction at (239) 514-0103. Bill Varian, the company’s owner and president, is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist with your best interests, safety and future in mind. Varian Construction has been doing business and making homes more comfortable for Southwest Florida residents for over 30 years.